Disney Continues Preparing For Blizzard Beach Opening, New Permit Filed

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blizzard beach

Credit: Disney

On March 7, 2021, Disney World will officially welcome back their chilly waterpark, Blizzard Beach! A grand reopening during a pandemic, however, will likely call for some water park updates.

blizzard beach
Credit: Disney

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Disney has recently filed a permit for what looks to be for the Toboggan Racer water slides at Blizzard Beach. We can see that the permit has been filed for “General Conditions” with contractor WDW Buena Vista Construction hired to make the updates, which is Disney’s in-house construction company.

At the moment, we do not know specifically what the updates could entail for the water park, but there are a few prominent speculations. First, Blizzard Beach has been closed for quite some time so it could very well be that Disney needs to make some small updates and spruce up areas of their water park before it is open for Guests as of March 7.

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Blizzard Beach
Credit: Disney

Another possible option would be that Disney is adding more safety and protection for Guests. Anyone who has visited Disney World during the pandemic likely knows that Disney’s health and safety measures are top-notch. Plexiglass is around every corner, there are plenty of well-implemented social distancing markers all over the floors, sanitization is everywhere, and Cast Members are fantastic in enforcing mask wear (something that will be required at Blizzard Beach once it reopens).

In order to operate, all of these added measures must be installed. It is more than likely Disney has been preparing for the opening of Blizzard Beach for months now — Just like Disneyland Resort has been in California despite not being able to reopen due to state regulations. However, that doesn’t mean that Disney World isn’t continuing to add more safety measures prior to the reopening of the water park.

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Another option could be that the Toboggan Racer water slide is getting an update itself. Considering the permit is only for “General Conditions”, any update to the water slide attraction is likely to just improve upon what is already there, and not create something new entirely. It will not be until March 7, 2021, that we will actually be able to see what construction was done to the water slide.

blizzard beach
Credit: Disney

The official description for the water slide attraction according to Disney is:

Ready, Set, Snow!

Grab your mat, take your mark and zip headfirst on your belly to the bottom of Mount Gushmore on a 250-foot-long “toboggan” race that features 3 exhilarating dips and hills.
Feel the rush as you crest each rise. May the best mat win!

Sleigh the competition as you race for first place on this 8-lane downhill slalom-style waterslide.

If you want to visit Blizzard Beach when it opens on March 7, be sure to grab your tickets, which were just announced yesterday! For more information, visit our website here.

At the moment, there is no official work on when or if Typhoon Lagoon will reopen.

Are you planning on visiting Blizzard Beach in 2021 as Disney World’s phased reopening continues? Let us know below! 

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