Disneyland Isn’t Allowed to Reopen, But They’re Still Prepping

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More details are coming to light pertaining to how Disneyland Resort is preparing to reopen the theme parks, although a reopening date has not yet been announced.

Following the California Governor’s recent response to the frustration surrounding Disneyland’s continued closure — and the California Attractions and Parks Association’s statement in opposition, as well — Disneyland officials are shedding some light on exactly how they have prepared to reopen, once they do get the green light.

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OC Register reports that Disneyland plans to install more than 23,000 health and safety measures to prepare for the future reopening of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure after California has issued reopening guidelines for theme parks across the state. These measures include health and safety signs, hand sanitizing and handwashing stations, plexiglass barriers where necessary, social distancing markers, and more.

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“When we reopen the parks, we’re going to have 50 new freestanding handwashing stations and over 1,000 hand sanitizing stations in guest and employee areas,” Disneyland resort senior vice president of experience integration Mary Niven said in a statement, according to OC Register.

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“We have done a lot of work with our industrial engineers to assess every attraction and every attraction vehicle to really make sure that we can ensure that we maintain a minimum of six-foot distance between parties at all times,” Niven, the Disneyland resort’s operations manager, to OC Register. “We’ve designated industrial hygienists as COVID-19 area coordinators in both our guest and employee areas to ensure that we have an auditing process.”

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We have continued to report on the operational and reopening updates of the Disneyland Resort theme park. Strict health and safety measures have been in place since Downtown Disney reopened. And given what California Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration has set in place for the reopening of theme parks in the state, it seems as though even more protocol will be in place for when Disneyland and Disney California Adventure reopen.

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Many believe it’s clear that Disney is doing whatever they can to make it known they are prepared to “tell the guard to open up the gates” for the Disneyland Resort parks. The Disney Parks Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pamela Hymel has even received an award for pandemic protocol.

Niven shared, “By the time we reopen, we’ll have over 20,000 COVID-19 related signs and markings and have installed over 2,000 plexiglass physical barriers in both our guest and cast areas.”

And people outside of The Walt Disney Company have commended Disneyland Resort for what they have in place, as well. State legislators toured the theme parks last week and shared why they think Disneyland and DCA should be allowed to reopen sooner rather than later. A county health officer weighed in, as well.

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We’ll get to see a glimpse of the pandemic protocol in place when we get to experience Buena Vista Street after it reopens in November. Disney has shared that shopping and dining will be reopening at Disney California Adventure as an extension of the experiences currently available at Downtown Disney. And once we get to enter the theme park, we’ll get to experience first hand many of the health and safety measures in place, from plexiglass to handwashing stations to physical distancing markers.

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Stay tuned to Inside the Magic for more information on Disneyland Resort reopening protocol.

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