How Do Cast Members Maintain Health & Safety Measures at Downtown Disney?

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We are now into the second day Downtown Disney District’s reopening and some would-be Guests are left wondering how Disneyland’s Cast Members are maintaining social distancing and other health and safety measures put in place.

We at Inside the Magic decided to ask that question, and here is what we found out:

Temperature Checks

Temperature Check, Downtown Disney
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Every Guest looking to enter the Downtown Disney District must undergo a temperature check. Considering the fact that it is summer in Southern California if, at first, a Guest reads a temperature, they will be allowed to sit in a cool-down tent for a short period and try again. If they fail to read a temperature below 100.4 degrees after cooling down, they will be sent home.

Mask Enforcement

downtown disney reopening
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The face mask policy in Downtown Disney is the same policy that will be enforced in Disneyland Park. The moment Guests arrive on-property, they are required to wear face masks and Cast Members–specifically Guest Services Cast Members–are standing by to enforce that policy. There has been an extra large presence of those Guest Services Cast Members spotted around the area monitoring Guests, primarily in lines and at Dining locations.

Cast Members told us that while almost all Guests comply, a few were occasionally found to be wearing their masks incorrectly, leaving their noses sticking out. They have been quick to correct the Guests on this issue.

Social Distancing and Sanitization

Downtown Disney’s Cast Members have been hard at works social distancing people by party. Especially in line. They will constantly ask how many people are in your party ask all those not in your party to remain six feet ahead or behind you.

Cast Members have also tapped off outdoor seating areas to allow Guests to relax while maintaining social distancing.

Tapped off seating areas, Downtown Disney
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Hand sanitizer stations are also found at the front of every line, and Cast Members are keen to make people aware of the sanitizing and cleaning stations installed throughout the shopping and dining center.

downtown disney reopening
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Reopening Struggle

Downtown Disney Day 2
Credit: ITM Reporter Bailee Abell

For those who experienced or saw footage of reopening day’s crowd and experienced a surprise lack of enforcement in certain areas, Cast Members explained that the reopening day crowds were a significant factor. World of Disney, for example, was calculated to fit more people than originally planned. Large reopening numbers made it difficult for Cast Members to enforce health and safety measures. Those numbers have been diminished significantly today both in how many Guests arrived on-property and in how many Guests are allowed into World of Disney at a time.

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Above all else, though, Disneyland’s Cast Members have approached Guests with the utmost kindness and respect.

One Cast Member told one of our reporters that it has been going fairly well. She said,“this is what we have to do to get through this.”

What do you think about the way Cast Members are enforcing the health and safety measures at Downtown Disney? Do you think they are satisfactory? Why or why no? Let us know in the comments!

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