Disney Enforces Mask Rules: No Eating or Drinking in Line

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If you have been to Disney World since it’s reopening, you have likely noticed many changes — increased safety signage being a major one. Well, Disney is now implementing more signage on trash cans around all 4 theme parks warning Guests that they are only permitted to eat and drink in designated areas.

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Masks have been mandatory at Disney World since the reopening due to the ongoing pandemic. Disney Guests must properly wear their approved masks (that means no neck gaiters or bandanas, and masks must cover your nose and mouth), or risk being removed from the park.

A Signage Mandated Mask Rules
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Garbage Can Signage

Eating and drinking around Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been the only time Guests are allowed to take off their masks while in a Disney Park. But they can only do so when actively eating and drinking.

However, this little loophole could cause Guests to walk around with their Starbucks for 20 minutes with their mask down if they keep sipping away. Even though Disney has doubled down and told Guests they can only eat or drink while stationary and cannot walk around the park while drinking a beverage or eating a snack, some Guests have attempted to still eat and drink while waiting in attraction queues. But this is not allowed, and now Disney is reminding Guests with new signate.

We’ve seen this new signage reminding Guests of the mask rule at Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, in addition to other attractions:

An Image of a Signage Mandating Mask Rules
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Buzz Lightyear\'s Space Ranger Spin
Credit: ITM | TJ Muscaro

The garbage can signs serve to remind Guests that there is no eating and drinking beyond a certain point, i.e. when a Guest reaches the queue of an attraction.  This new signage will likely help Cast Members control Guests who are going against the rules by limiting where masks may be removed.

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Audio Reminders

All Disney Parks are also issuing audio reminders about no eating or drinking while in attraction queues each day. The reminders played in the attraction queues announce to Park Guests that “eating and drinking are not permitted while in line.” Although lines are socially distanced, it is important that masks are worn in these times, especially since many queues have indoor aspects at Disney World.

Cast Members are continuously walking around with signs that remind Guests of the mask rules, and correcting any Guests who may not be properly wearing their masks. Alternate signs are places throughout Disney property, audio commands continuously remind Guests to follow all safety and social distancing measures, and the My Disney Experience app is even warning Guests on their phones!

If Guests are not ready to comply with the proper mask-wearing rules at Disney Parks, Disney has suggested for them to plan their trip for a later date. It is amazing to see how seriously Disney World is taking the ongoing pandemic, putting Guest safety above all else.

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Are you ok with the mask-wearing rules at Disney World? Or have you postponed your next trip? Let us know in the comments.

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