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disney world mask rules


  1. KC

    We will not be returning. Doesn’t sound magical at all. Let Disney be for the locals only. Or folks that continue to drink the cool aid.

    1. lydia

      You can not return anyways bc you can not buy new passes as of now! Just be a sore loser disney does not need you!

    2. tad

      It’s Kool Aid with a “K”. Maybe add that to your whine, that’s whine with an “H”.

      1. Dgaf

        Thank you tad, very cool

  2. davis

    we allow water bottles and sips as always not constant drinking not eating an entire meal this was never allowed even before covid!

  3. LP

    Between the mask mandates and the overly intrusive full body scanners going in place, I don’t imagine I’ll ever go back, even after covid (yeah, like that’s going to happen). I’m not sure why people have given away so much of their privacy in the guise of safety. Masks are one thing, but the ever increasing body searches are getting out of hand.

    1. JC

      You ever flown before 9/11? Want to talk about intrusiveness and the whole TSA process is that, yet Conservatives (generally speaking not specifically you) have convinced themselves this is the way things need to be to keep us safe from the terrorists yet love to complain about being told to wear a dang mask or have their temps checked.

      I can almost guarantee you and every other person complaining about Disney’s Covid policies have jumped on at least one or two plane rides in the last year or two and nary a whisper when you’re going through a millimeter wave machine and getting patted down after.

      1. Mickey Payne

        The last time I took a flight was in 1993 to Florida to become a WDW student intern.
        Before that I took many flights and racked up a lot of mileage.
        Unless I were to go to Hawaii, I prefer to drive.
        As far as masks, it’s a necessary evil. I don’t like it but, if I want to go into the parks, I have to dance to their tune.
        As far as body scans and metal detectors, it’s way over due.
        I worked bag check at theme parks, and amazed at things Guests try to bring in bags, and hide on their bodies.

    2. SG

      As APs we have been back a few times and Disney has no, I repeat zero body scanners! They have Baycare staff with handheld thermometers that don’t even touch the forehead
      They’re standing in tents just before the walk thru metal detectors. The airports do however and have full body scanners for years, that’s nothing new. We were at Disney MK, EPCOT and HS this past weekend for what was supposed to be a RunDisney marathon weekend that was cancelled because of COVID. This article brings up a very serious matter . Now that they’ve allowed more people in the park, its crowded (not like preCOVID) so its very important to wear your mask at all times except for eating and drinking which is supposed to be only while seated – and the seats are at least 6 ft away from other tables. With all those people there, statistics say there’s some asymptomatic carriers. So the elderly and immunocompromised beware! Disney needs to enforce the mask mandate, at EPCOT the party goers are way too lax, walking while drinking, bumping into people with their mask pulled down. This is reckless! This type of behavior is why the virus continues to spread. We will avoid EPCOT until the Food and Wine Festival is over!
      Also, it’s no fun without Fast Pass if you like the rides and attractions!

    3. Davis

      pretend like you actually do not live under a rock and EVERYWHERE has the same regulations! Masks must be worn everywhere this is not just a Disney rule its a life rule! Besides our new scanners are to keep you safe. They are also quicker and gets you into the parks faster… and also do not look like huge crazy tsa metal detectors. They also scan alot more. Its for your safety if you did not realize folks seem to think its funny to carry guns onto property and do incorrect things. Its a huge hassle for security and you might thing its a burden but safety is the key… sounds like you just do not care and thats not good! Thats inhumane!

  4. Judy

    Disney is doing a great job. I’ve been twice since they’ve reopened and I feel safer at Disney than my local grocery store. I live in Maryland, btw.

    1. SG

      We’re APs and I’m sorry to say it’s gotten worse. It was great earlier but now it’s crowded with still no Fast Pass. Even the less popular rides are an hour or more wait. Last weekend we just walked (which we love to do, our Disney gym), ate and shopped- beware, there are lines to get into shops off and on but especially near closing times.

    2. rebel orange bird

      exactly i am from nyc between covid and the protests wdw has been the safest place i been! It always was the safest place its just safer! Those whom complain about rules etc you wonder if they ever followed rules before right bc i never gone through life wo following rules! Besides everywhere you go you must wear masks and follow the same rules its not like disney is making up their own rules!

  5. Marjie

    We just returned from Walt Disney World, and I felt very safe! Still felt the Disney Bubble, but this time it was a reality bubble. The Virus is everywhere, but when people are strongly reminded to follow the rules, we can have some semblance of a life. At home I’m not comfortable at Walmart, so I REALLY wished the Disney Mask Police would have followed me home, (instead of a ghost!).

  6. Tina

    To many changes , to many rules the Magic has left the Kingdom.It’s just a Carnival now.

  7. Superspreader

    And this is where I make my decision to catch corona and spread it through the parks… thank you(:

  8. Remember everybody this is a Disney world rule, not a state mandate rule. Disneyland needs to remember that businesses that go woke like they are doing also tend to go broke. We do not want Disney world to have to go through what Disneyland in California is going through now so please disneyworld allow people when standing in lines for over an hour In hot humid weather to have drinks and snacks like you used to.

    1. rosie

      like davis said above get out from under a rock you must wear masks everywhere if your not then your showing lack of kindness and lack of maturity! You can not go anywhere in fl or cali wo wearing a mask! Stop pretending like a deadly virus is not out there and care! Disney always took saftey as #1 concern so does universal and so does everywhere else stop spreading lies its only Disney bc guess what thats only in YOUR WARPED HEAD!

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