CA Parks Launch Petition to Urge Gov. to Reopen Disneyland

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Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood are urging California Governor Gavin Newsom to reopen theme parks — and now, they’ve launched a website to encourage the public to petition for reopening guidelines, as well.

California theme parks have been closed for several months. It has been over seven months since Disneyland and Disney California Adventure shut their gates — and a lot of back-and-forth interactions have taken place since then. But in addition to the southern California Disney Parks other theme parks are waiting to reopen. And they’re continuing to make their voices heard.

The California Attractions and Parks Association — which represents permanent theme parks across California, including Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Universal Studios Hollywood — has launched a new website called to encourage the public to “take action.”

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On the Reopen CA Amusement Parks website (which is similar to the Reopen OC Now website we shared earlier this summer), the public can sign a letter addressed to Gov. Newsom that says theme parks across the state are ready to reopen.

Below is the full letter that CAPA is urging the public to sign:

Dear Governor Newsom,

Please reopen California’s amusement parks!

From Disneyland to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to Knott’s Berry Farm to Oakland Children’s Fairyland and more – we all have fond memories of family visits to these iconic parks. Governor, we urge you to use the science and data to allow these parks to open now. Besides offering Californians a safe and fun outdoor activity during these bleak COVID-19 days, these parks directly employ tens of thousands of people and entire communities have been built around them. The amusement park employees, surrounding small businesses and all their employees, local governments, and loyal guests all depend on these parks being open.

Throughout the world, amusement parks have successfully reopened and there are no known COVID-19 outbreaks being traced back to parks. These parks put the health and safety of both their employees and guests as a top priority and we’re confident that they can reopen safely as they have proven in so many other states and countries.

Even more than the lost jobs and lost revenue, however, the greatest impact is truly the loss of hope, joy, laughter, and fun. That damage is the most painful of all. Our leaders, from the Governor to local officials, have the power to continue to protect our health while giving us back our sense of hope, and allow us to enjoy wholesome, outdoor fun.

Californians need jobs, businesses need customers, local governments need revenue and most importantly, we all need hope. Please stop delaying, please develop reasonable and fair guidance, and please allow California’s amusement parks to reopen soon! We know they are ready and so are we!


**your signature**

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It’s clear that theme park operators disagree with their mandated park closures. California health officials have spoken out, as well, with state officials saying guidelines will come “when they’re ready” and local officials saying the parks should reopen sooner rather than later. But how will Newsom respond next?

The website launch comes the same week as Gov. Newsom decided to visit theme parks in California — and to send his team to visit theme parks in Florida, as well. We reported that state officials would be visiting Disneyland Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, and other parks this week. The California Attractions and Parks Association said at the time that they “applaud the governor for accepting our invitation to visit California’s iconic parks and we are eager to work together so theme parks can reopen responsibly and soon.”

So far, we have not heard the results of Newsom’s visits to theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios. However, as soon as more details are released, we will share the news.

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We’ll continue to update Inside the Magic with the latest information on California theme park operations as it becomes available.

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