Comments for CA Parks Launch Petition to Urge Gov. to Reopen Disneyland


Credit: CAPA


  1. Adam

    It’s not going to happen. Reroute your trip to WDW.

    1. Joe

      Gov. Newsom wants to wait after the election Nov. 3rd to reopen amusement parks. Newsom thinks the worsened economy and people being layoff (because of him) will cause people to vote for Joe Biden and other Democratic officials for more freebies and handouts! Let’s prove Newsom wrong by NOT voting for Joe Biden and the Democratic officials.

  2. David

    Having visited WDW this past week and knowing that Disneyland implemented the SAME strategy, the fact that Gov. Newsom won’t allow them to open is 100% political. There are hand sanitization stations all over the parks, there are plexiglass dividers in the queue areas, there are markers on the ground for physical distancing AND they require masks the entire time you’re on Disney property. Not to mention 25 – 30% park capacity limitations. Newsom is just screwing the theme parks as well as the industrial base that supports them.

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