Taste Disney’s Luscious Summer Berry Dessert With This Recipe!

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Greek Yogurt California Berries Summer Pudding

Credit: Disney Parks

We’ve arrived to our second to last stop in our tour of Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. This booth has all things berry-licious and refreshing for summer time! The Berry Patch Marketplace is next to the Garlic Kissed Marketplace right near the Golden Zephyr. I loved grabbing food from this marketplace and relaxing in the sitting area overlooking Pixar Pier.

The Golden Zephyr ride at Disney California Adventure Park
Credit: Disneyland

The Berry Patch

Whichever Disney chef created these dishes and beverages did a great job, because the flavor is incredible. It’s definitely worth using more than one Sip and Savor tab here.


  • Oikos Greek Yogurt California Berries Summer Pudding- Brioche Bread soaked with Raspberry Pureé, stuffed with Grand Marnier-infused Mixed Berries and finished with Oikos Greek Yogurt Whipped Cream, Fresh Berries and Freeze-dried Strawberry Crumbles
  • Rasberry-Lychee-Rose Custard- Tapioca Pudding topped with Mixed Berry Compote and Freeze-dried Strawberry Crumbles


  • Blue Marble Berry Bliss Hard Seltzer- Premium Vodka and Sparkling Water, with Mixed Berry Flavor
  • Ruby Citrus Sparkler- Simply Grapefruit, Agave Nectar, Raspberry and Topo Chico Mineral Water
Offerings from Berry Patch Marketplace for Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival
Credit: Disney Parks

Oikos Greek Yogurt California Berries Summer Pudding Recipe


  • 2 Cups Fresh Mixed Berries
  • About 3/4 Cup Grand Marnier
  • About 1/4 Cup Simple Syrup
  • Brioche Bread, unsliced
  • 4 Cups Fresh Raspberries
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Cup Oikos Greek Yogurt
  • 1/4 Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 Cup Fresh Mixed Berries
  • Mint Leaves


  1. Place berries into a bowl and pour in Grand Marnier and Simple Syrup. Make sure you have enough liquid to cover the berries, give it a stir, and let soak for at least an hour.
  2. Slice Brioche Bread about 2 inches thick.
  3. Use a metal or silicone cupcake or ring mold, cut out a mound from each of the slices, and place upside down in a dish.
  4. Blend Raspberries with Sugar until smooth and set aside.
  5. With an electric mixer, whip the Greek Yogurt and Heavy Whipping Cream together until you have soft peaks, put it in piping bag with a star tip, and place it in the fridge until ready to serve dish.
  6. When the Grand Marnier-infused berries are ready, scoop out a hole in each Brioche Mound and spoon in about 2 Tbsp of berries in.
  7. Pour a thin layer of the Raspberry Puree over the brioche bread.
  8. Take your Greek Yogurt Whipped Cream and pipe it over the top to cover the hole.
  9. Plate each and garnish with fresh berries and a mint leaf!
  10. Suggestion: Don’t let the extra Brioche Bread go to waste. You can make a deconstructed version of all this by cutting the extra pieces into cubes. It will taste just as good with a different presentation.
Oikos Greek Yogurt California Berries Summer Pudding
Credit: Kristin Yep

Catch Up On The Previous Marketplace Stops

See you at the Marketplace booth next door for our final stop!

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