Disney Food & Wine Festival-Inspired Charcuterie Board

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Disney Food & Wine Festival Inspired Charcuterie Board
So… We’ve reached our second stop at the 2020 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival, Uncork California! You’re not going to want to use your Sip and Savor pass at this stop. There are only alcoholic beverages here, and you can only used your Sip and Savor tabs for food and non-alcoholic drinks. This one’s really for the adult Disney lovers out there — and what better dish than a Disney Food & Wine Festival-inspired charcuterie board!
California is the best known state in the U.S. for its wine. There are wineries throughout the entire state from Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Solvang, Santa Barbara, and Temecula. That’s just to name a few. There are so many more! Because this is Uncork California, most of these beverages are from California wineries.


This food and wine festival marketplace booth has one dish on its food menu and that’s cheese. Let’s be real, the salty and creamy flavors in cheese makes it the best food to pair with wine. The California Artisan Cheese Selection includes Central Coast Creamery Holey Cow Swiss and Vintage Cheese Co. Cabernet Cheddar. Listed below are all the beverages that are at Uncork California with a suggestion to an appropriate type of cheese pairing.
Cheese Board and Mimosa Flight
Credit: Disney Parks Blog


White Wine Flight
Malibu Rocky Oaks, Sauvignon Blanc, California :: Goat Cheese
Rombauer, Chardonnay, Carneros :: Gruyere Cheese
Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Sofia, Rosé, Monterey County :: Feta Cheese
Red Wine Flight
Erath, Pinot Noir, Oregon :: Brie Cheese
The Prisoner, Red Blend, Napa Valley :: Manchego Cheese
Quilt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley :: Gouda Cheese
Road Trip Mimosa Trio
Pacific Mimosa- Sparkling Wine, Coconut, Blue Curaçao and Pineapple Juice :: Pecorino Cheese
Mojave Mimosa- Sparkling Wine, Simply Peach and Raspberry Syurp :: Parmesan Cheese
Sierra Mimosa- Sparkling Wine, Lavender and Fresh Lemon Juice :: Ricotta Cheese
Chandon Brut, Sparkling Wine, California :: Mozzarella Cheese
Disney Charcuterie
Credit: Disney

Charcuterie Board

Alright so this isn’t necessarily a recipe, but it’s ideas for you to build your perfect charcuterie board. Your very own Disney Uncork California Charcuterie Board. There are a few food items that can accompany your cheese to turn your cheese board into a master chef charcuterie board! To complete your charcuterie board, add cured meats (list below) olives, cornichon (petite pickles), nuts, dried fruit, jelly or jam, and some sort of bread (baquette, crostini, or bruschetta). For the fruit items, figs, apricots, pears and grapes are commonly used flavors.
There is such a wide variety of cured meats, but here are some suggestions of what to use in your charcuterie board. Some of these cured meats may have different kinds as well.
  • Proscuitto
  • Salami
  • Pepperoni
  • Ham
  • Cappcollo
  • Soppressata
  • Calabrese
  • Mortadella
  • Jamón Ibérico
  • Bresaola
  • Jamón Serrano
  • Cervelat

Disney launched some charcuterie boards that are great for getting your Disney food and wine on! If you want to make this more Disney inspired, when you lay out your board, make Disney shapes! Hidden Mickeys, Minnie bow, etc… Your options are endless and you can customize it to your liking!

Disney Cheese Boards
Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

This is such a fun brunch idea (a Disney-themed brunch), get together with your friends, or date night. You can do the actual wine flights with a cheese or chacuterie board. If you are doing this with a large group of friends and/or family, you can do a blind wine tasting and see which wine gets the most votes!

After all this wine, we’re going to need some sustenance. So where are we off to next? Golden Dreams!

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