Annual Passholders Want Partial Refunds on Their Passes

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Many Disney Parks fans are incredibly excited for Disney Parks to reopen.  With the new reservations system in place, in addition to other health and safety protocols for the Disney Parks reopening, many annual passholders are eager to make a reservation for the first day of opening.  Some of these new health and safety protocols come with some concerns, even with new expiration dates, especially from annual passholders that have purchased yearly passes that would typically have fewer restrictions.

Partial Refunds

Many who have purchased higher-level passes with fewer blackout dates for Walt Disney World or Disneyland (including Premier Passholders who get access to the theme parks on both coasts) want a partial refund for their passes.  Because the reservation system indicates they will not be able to gain admission to the theme parks when they choose, many APs feel they’re not getting what they paid for.  One Annual Passholder said, “People paid extra for no blackout dates but now have to have a reservation. Disney should issue partial refunds to annual passholders.”

Another commented, “Why should I continue to pay monthly for tickets that cannot be used as originally purchased? I want the option to cancel my pass and its payments or at the least to suspend them and the associated payments until the reservation system is no longer required and we can again use the annual passes for the reasons we initially bought them.”

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Expiration Extensions

If it’s not possible for partial refunds, another idea from Disney annual passholders is to have expiration date extensions.  If they’re not able to get a reservation but are paying for their Annual Passes, then it would be best to allow them a long time to be able to try and get a reservation to at least get some of the perks of being an Annual Passholder.

With Parking Hopping not being allowed for the time being at Disney World and the possibility of not having a MaxPass at Disneyland, many have expressed wanting extensions to their passes so that they can have more time to experience the magic.  An Annual Passholder from out of the country voiced this concern. “AP holders here in the UK did not hear anything about extending our passes, and then when the parks open next month, we still can’t go as no flights are allowed yet into the USA, so will we get a further extension!”

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Annual Passholders Just Received MORE Bonus Reservations!

There’s Still Reason for Reservations

Another Disney fan shares this insight, “I understand the aggravation expressed by AP holders, paying for access any time and not getting it. But honestly, you can go at any time, again and again. Most of the comments from AP holders here are more about losing the value of the money they spent.  People who are traveling are spending much more money on that trip on tickets, hotel, flight, time from work and school, food, etc.  There is a HUGE difference between spending $5k+ on a once-in-a-lifetime or even once-a-year trip and having the entire trip destroyed by not getting in vs. the relatively minor inconvenience of not being able to go whenever you get the urge.”

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With valid concerns coming from annual passholders, there is also an acceptable reason to keep these reservation systems in place as the Disney Parks slowly reopen.  Voicing concerns from all sides may be a way for Disney to better understand how to handle this.  As this is new territory for everyone around the world to navigate, it’s best to keep in mind that not everything is going to be perfect, but at least we hope to get to experience the magic real soon.

If you need assistance with your Annual Pass, call (714) 781-4567 for Disneyland and (407) 939-7277 for Walt Disney World.

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