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  1. Ray

    I called and opted for the partial refund. My AP was set to expire on June 22. They told me that the request would be sent to the finance department and they will determine what my refund will be. This was like 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I happen to login to my account and see that my AP was extended from June 22 to like October 15. I told them I didn’t want the extension, I tried to call them to follow up but was on hold for over an hour and couldn’t wait any longer. I will call them again but just curious if anyone has actually received the partial refund?

  2. Daniel

    I support a class action lawsuit.

    1. Mauricio Terneus

      Same here

  3. James DiFranco

    It is so refreshing to hear so many voices echoing many of our sentiments about our annual pass situation. We purchased annual passes (family of 6) to plan two vacations around spring break. All we’re looking for is the opportunity to plan the same experience we had previously booked (and canceled) in a safe environment. Currently, my state PA is asking for a 14 day self-quarantine if traveling to Florida. My wife’s a nurse and I’m an educator with plenty on our plates to begin with. So, wasn’t happy that our passes were issued an expatriation date (from start of the first park opening, not all mind you) and less than two weeks to arrange everything even if we wanted to and felt safe enough to risk it. As many suggested, there are several options they could’ve (still could) offered to appease AP holders. Instead, they’re choosing to add more stress and confusion to an already anxiety filled time in families lives. Not magical, not ok, and easily fixable.

  4. Dan

    What is the last day to cancel or ask for a partial refund of the AP? I have called Disney and the individual I spoke with had no clue! With parks reopening tomorrow for passholders, I am not sure if I should keep my options open or tell them to process the refund. If I can keep my options open for a longer period of time, I’d rather do that!

  5. Anonymous

    Has anyone ACTUALLY received their partial refunds? And what about the months left on our pass after Disney reopens that we can’t use!?!

  6. Jaxie

    It is not a legitimate complaint that passholders don’t spend as much as ticket holders. I don’t live near the parks so I still have to pay for all my accommodation, food and travel when I visit. That argument needs to stop. I do agree that Disney corporation needs to honor the AP as it was intended. Do what is right. With the current attitude I, and I am sure many others, will be saying
    “Now as you see, this game is through
    So although it hurts, I’ll try to smile
    As I say, goodbye, so soon
    And isn’t this a crime?
    We know by now that time knows how to fly
    So here’s goodbye, so soon
    You’ll find your separate way
    With time so short I’ll say so long
    And go, so soon

  7. Linda Taylor

    I have been trying to get my partial refund since May 29 I called. I have been calling since many times on hold for over an hour.. N no one answers. I am an Annual pass holder for years. I would also like my refund n then cancel.. I have not been happy with the way Disney is handling issues.. My daughter is a travel agent n books a lot of Disney trips n cruises. I myself been to Disney about 30 visits. Please get back to me.. Thank you! Linda

  8. The contract we sign every year says “subject to changes” so well it sucks, we agreed to the terms.

  9. Ramona Sef

    I am so frustrated, and quite frankly, livid at Disney. I bought two annual passes in December 2019. these passes were never redeemed. According to there press statement, I am entitled to a full refund. Have I received it? NO! Of course, I cannot contact them directly. I am directed to their policy page, which says that I am entitled to the refund. How long do I have to wait while they continue to make millions of dollars as a corporation. I would gladly join in on a class action suit. This is unacceptable!

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