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  1. april

    They changed the rules outside of what was paid for (park hopping not allowed, reservations required w/ possible denial of entry, water parks not open at the same time, 4 parks not open on the same date). They need to do something to accommodate APs because what we paid for isn’t what we’re getting.


      I contacted an attorney and he said that legally they cannot take away what we paid for as AP HOLDERS without compensating for the loss. An extension is a joke. I paid for a top tier pass and I paid for the added benefits that I will not be getting. Disney will have no choice but to fix this issue. If AP HOLDERS don’t care, then “live your best life”, but many AP HOLDERS DO care and are not happy.

      1. Cathy

        Absolutely! I understand the predicament Disney is in trying to open and remain safe but having an AP and not being able to use it as it was meant to be used is very upsetting and so not Disneylike. Until the reservation system is done with, our Annual Passes should not be put into play. An ongoing extension date (until all the parks open completely without reservations, should be implemented. Right now, the AP is not beneficial and basically, useless. We paid for nothing!

      2. Mike

        I agree I didn’t pay $1450 for the Signature Plus pass to find out now I’m considered a Flex Pass, Disney needs to fix this, I don’t mind paying this much money for the pass but I want and expect what I’m paying for, if not I can take this $1450 and get a knotts berry farm pass for the next 13 years

        1. Sharon

          I am a teacher and bought a Signature pass in March for Spring Break. I cannot use it so I feel it should not even start until the first time I can.
          I have missed 2 vacation times already and who knows if they will even give us a Fall Break…Not what I paid for with all the restrictions..

    2. Peter

      This is SOOOOOOOO true!!

    3. Ralph Meza

      Try spending $2200× 3 on premier passes and I have been able to go to Disneyland once and not get on Rise of the ResistanceI was suppose to go in May to Disneyworld and got cancelled. I have 2 trips booked for 2 weeks each in Oct and Dec and getting no value out off my premier pass. They need to give me 2021 all year.

  2. Ken G

    My feeling on the Annual Passes is quite simple: Until the day comes that your pass can be used to it’s fullest availability, extend the passes indefinitely.

    Our family has 3 Disneyland Resort SigPlus passes. 1 was paid in full at the start and would expire July 10, the other 2 are on monthly and would expire this week (those have two more payments on them). We opted from the start to “pause” our passes and then continue up once they were open again.

    I do not think it would be right to have Disneyland, on July 17 tell us our passes our now starting up, the clock is ticking and we need to make our 2 payments, yet we may not even may able to get in as we “might” want to – or with the fully paid pass not being able to fully use it either, like the ability to park hop.

    To me this should be the case for any membership and annual pass to anywhere, not just Disney.

    Yes, I guess Disney can issue us refunds and shut down our passes. However, once things are back up to normal (whenever that might be), Disneyland is going to need us passholders back spending money as much as possible. So there is a very tight balance here that Disney is going to have to navigate. Many folks may not have the ability or want to renew their passes once it’s allowed again (or even buy daily tickets). Disney and all the theme parks are going to need to find a way to get people back with price adjustments, annual pass discounts or whatever it takes.

    Covid not withstanding, the travel / entertainment / hospitality industry for decades knows that “empty seats” are never good. Whether that cruise ship has 500 passengers or 1500, it still needs to leave the port on time with everything up and running. If Disneyland has 10,000 guests or 50,000 guests they still need to have all the attractions up and running and so on (maybe some food stands closed depending on attendance). I think very few people will pay full admission price if a lot of the attractions remain closed.

    If will be interesting to see how all these place make that balance for their guests and their bottom line.

    1. Terry

      Disney should extend the pass til parks operate at 100%, no masks requirements or til the pass holder swipes their card the 1st time

      1. Roberta

        At the very least they should treat us the same way they’re treating the Shanghai Disney Annual Passholders.

        Their passes (purchased before the closure) will be extended by as many days as it takes from the park closing until the advanced reservation system is terminated.


        Why not us?

      2. Juan

        Mask requirements are not really burdensome, but restricting access based on resort stays is diluting the pass itself. Passholders should also be allowed to book as many days as they like or at least a week. The three day maximum is to strigent to a class of customer that provides a forecastable income month by month.

        Swiping the card for the first time is only done the first time you purchase the pass which sets the expiration date.

    2. Cathy

      My thoughts exactly! Right now our APs are useless. Extend the APs indefinitely (until all 4 parks are open without reservations). That would be the right thing to do. More importantly, That would be the Disney thing to do!

    3. Cathy

      Agree with extending the passes. I’ve called and gotten a different answer every time. Even if I can get to the park the resorts aren’t taking any new reservations. They offered to refund my pass from March thru opening in July but my pass is good through October , so don’t quite get it

  3. Mmluv

    The last person’s comments in the article make it sound as if all annual passholders are Florida residents and can go “anytime they want” which is not true. We are passholders but we live out of state. We go twice a year so it was worth it to get APs but we still have to plan and travel and spend lots of money. Yes I realize that we are allowed to go anytime we want according to the passholders agreement, but it’s not actually possible for everyone just because they have APs.

    1. Jackie

      Thank you!!! Agreed ! We’re DVC members with annual passes, so we’re stuck in both ways, paying for something we can’t use. And triple play, in a similar boat as foreign travelers being from NY. We’re not allowed into FL yet. People need to educate themselves BEFORE they comment.

      1. H.S.K.

        I’m sorry but Floridians don’t visit New York and demand all the same amenities a native would enjoy. I dont care for the reason you purchased your pass and I doubt anyone else does either. That’s your business. But as a Florida native my business was purchasing a pass that I could use whenever I wanted. I’m so close to orlando and those were the conditions under which I purchased my pass. The same goes for all other locals and natives. I’m sorry you live in New York and I live in Florida and that you don’t get to go as often as the rest of us but what’s that got to do with a Floridian’s perspective on things. 2 different worlds bud…2 different situations. Now you’ve been educated.

        1. B.D

          You’re the reason they are putting the restrictions out there. Everyone wants a chance to go and if you get to go everyday while someone from NY is trying to plan a trip. They will never happen because you’re there everyday of the month. You’re attitude towards non-florida natives is rude. We are all disney fans and all want the same thing. Be respectful.

        2. Sassy33

          We wouldn’t be in this position if the “Florida residents” were adhering to the recommendations to keep others safe. Your State is beyond a Hot Mess with the skyrocketing COVID-19 cases. I wouldn’t be surprised if WDW has to close….again.

    2. Michelle D

      That was exactly my comment I was going to make. I’m in Texas. I can’t just drop by the parks after work or decide to send a Saturday afternoon leisurely strolling around the parks. When I go, there is a plan – from the scheduled parks I plan to be in each day to the rides I plan to experience to the food I plan to enjoy, I don’t want to have to wait until I board the plane before I know if I’ll even be able to get in “a” park, let alone the one where I want to be that day.

    3. tamara wilkerson

      I agree my son and I are lucky enough to be able to go 2 to 3 times a week…we take full advantage of our sig plus passes. I understand the comment about spending 5000 on a vacation but I guarantee we spend more than that in a year.

    4. Cheri

      Exactly! We’re from Nevada and purchase the annual passes for that same reason. Not cheap vacations by any means.

    5. Cathy

      Same here. We go a couple times a year as well (PA). Have to plan and save $$$. Cannot makes the trip hoping to get a reservation. Hoping Disney figures it out and extends our passes indefinitely (till reservation system is no more) and continues to keep my faith in Disney alive!

    6. Sue

      We live in Florida and are annual Passholders we have platinum ones with no black outs and park hopping we pay good money for them. But they extended only the weeks that they where closed. So I still paid for something I can’t use they same way I did they should give some kind of discount but I still do t know if I’m renewing them. I don’t see things changing and for what we pay for the whole year is a lot and we would only be getting half of it. Plus it’s hot here in Florida and to walk around with a mask is hard. But I get it. And they showed a picture of people at the park with they mask under there nose like that’s going to do a lot of good. Universal already had a cast member test positive but never told it to the public. Only cast members that where working with him. And there will be more. They closed these park when the numbers where low now the numbers are crazy and they open. Crazy. Disney doesn’t care it’s about the money. But as long as people pay the full price to go there and get less I guess they deserve to go there. Disney is not that important. And do t think they care. It’s all about the almighty dollar.

  4. Yoda

    Remember that this Covid virus was not expected and Disney is doing the best they can do to try and open safely. There is no way to make everyone happy. I am a platinum pass holder and will try to make a reservation for as soon as I can, but I am still worried that a large number of guests will try to find excuses for not wearing masks. Disney is private property and can require mask use and if you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t go.


      Nobody is talking about mask wearing! We are talking about what we paid for IN ADVANCE prior to covid! We paid for those benefits and we are entitled to them. Disney will have to do something more than extend our passes.
      Private company or not, they still are bound by the law! You can’t sell something and then take it away. It’s a contract, period. Implied or not. A class action law suit will be coming, I promise.

      1. Rachel Cooper

        Kristina I 100% agree! Especially when your AP expiration date is incorrect, the epic fail reservation hunger games opens on Friday for APs not willing to throw money at Disney for resort room and I have called 150 times and get we are not answering calls please try later. I have kept a running tally of refused phone calls. If they don’t correct this and I can’t get any reservations the one starting the class action suit is going to be yours truly!

    2. TexasToDisney

      It’s a business contract. We signed up for and paid for certain benefits (such as going any day and park hopping). Until we can use those benefits, it’s not right to keep charging. While it’s not Disney’s fault, nor is it the AP’s fault. Right now, it appears that Disney plans to charge for something which we cannot by definition use through no fault of our own. They need to address that proactively if they want to maintain their loyal AP base going forward.

    3. Anne

      Yoda, how ‘bout you stay home if you’re afraid of mask-less people? I sincerely doubt by the middle of summer, with FL’s intense heat and humidity, masks will still be required at WDW. Especially on 2 year olds. And Disney is clearly not “doing the best they can”. There’s been a complete lack of communication and a drip, drip, drip of information that changes all the time and dates that keep getting moved. AP holders definitely should get a refund. They’re not getting what they paid for by any measure.

      1. april

        I can’t believe how bad the communication has been. It is amazing to watch! They are blowing this one. I get that they are huge, but what on earth was everyone doing while they were closed? There should have been plans A, B, and C.

      2. brighter

        Masks will still be required at WDW. The CMs unions required that guests and CMs be masked as a requirement of their returning to work. If WDW doesn’t require masking, CMs can walk off the job.

      3. Ferol lewis

        I have read that WDW will refund AP if desired. I hope Disneyland does the same especially considering a large portion of AP are locals maybe to a much greater extent than WDW. I want a refund and will happily return when I can have full access Wuxi cannot be guaranteed now. I’d cast members are concerned about returning yet AP “agree to accept the risk” how does that make sense if our health and safety is their priority?

    4. Shawn

      Buying an AP is a financial transaction action between a business and an individual. I have just as much sympathy for Disney as they have for individual customers. None. This is not about cutting Disney a break. If you gave your hard earned money to Disney in exchange for a product then the seller must give you the value they promised you. I will not be satisfied with anything less than what was offered when I agreed to purchase passes. Disney needs to bring more to the table. If they don’t we will be looking elsewhere for our vacations in the future. Disney is a business first and foremost. For an idea of how Disney Corporate deals with individuals read up on how they treated Jim Henson when he approached them about bringing the Muppets into Disney. Disney the corporation has ice water running through it’s veins. They see you as nothing more than $s. Therefore, I see them the same. I want the full value that I relied on when I decided to purchase 3 APs.

      1. Faithful Friend


      2. TexasToDisney

        Spot on!

  5. Rachel Duran

    Maybe all passes should be tuned in to the Flex pass for now.. And if the fee of the passholders has reached the of fee of the Flex pass , then just stop until they can be used as the pass it was purchased for and then start payments once everything is back to some normality

  6. Melrose

    I’ve called Disneyland Annual Pass assistance three times and on hold over three hours to get a CM each time. My pass expires 7-16. They cannot extend the date manually. I have to wait for the automated system to extend the date. Meanwhile with my Flex passport there is the chance they open up 30 day in advance reservations on June 17 less than two days from now. Guess I’m out of luck as I will have an expired pass on July 16. I wish Disney would expedite this automated procedure and get all those dates extended before reservations are offered to anyone.

  7. Daniel

    This is very disappointing to read the comments from entitled people. I am sure Disney is trying their best, but remember COVID was not their fault and you are acting as it was. I’m sure they would love to have as many people back as possible, but for everyone’s safety, they cannot (both from a state mandate and a moral obligation to be entrusted with your health). These are different times and we have to accept the new normal. Remember, this is a privilege and not a right and from what I recall, Disney tries everything in their power to provide a “Magical” day. Let’s give them some time (and the world) to get through this.

    1. April

      Its only entitlement in the sense that we have already paid for it. As an out of state Plat Plus AP holder, I have spent close to $6k UPFRONT for our tickets. I understand this is unprecedented, however, that doesn’t mean Disney shouldn’t try to make accommodations. I agree with the DL commenter who said passes should be extended until its back to normal. If it doesn’t go back to normal Disney is going to have a hard time justifying those same prices.

      1. Waylon Brando

        I’ve paid in full in December. Has anyone got their “Partial Refund” or heard if they’ll just pause our annual pass’? You’d think they opt to pause passes as opposed to just refunding people. I don’t want a refund, I just want my pass to be paused until they can give the full Disney experience (Parades, Fireworks, shows, meet and greets).

    2. MVG

      Not sure you know what that word means but yes AP holders are entitled. We paid and entered into a contract that promises specific things.

      1. John Gaudy

        Agree with MVG. Entitlement implies you’re getting free stuff by Disney’s good graces. APs PAID and Disney promised services or goods. Now those are bring restricted or held back. Bad things happen all the time, it’s not Disney’s “fault” covid happened, but it will be their fault for not making good on their promises. Bait and switch if you ask me. From the looks of it I might be writing off Disneyland for good.

      2. Mike

        Wow… Entitled .. no just spent alot of money on a pass and want to be able to use it… If I am not able to use it then like many have said just extend my time… And c’mon Disney… Figure out the fastpass thing… Shouldn’t take that away….

      3. Anne


    3. Mary

      ENTITLED ? As an AP holder living in Fl., I still need to make Reservations for Lodging, which include additional Resort fees & Parking while I spend Countless dollars for Food, etc….
      Point being, My AP Contract is NOT capable of being fulfilled at this time due to Capacity Controls (through no fault of Disney). Therefore, AP holders are NOT “ENTITLED” TO ACCESS AT WILL…

    4. lorraine cramer

      its a privilage when we pay ahead of time, not like we just pay when we have vacation time. We should be entitled to what we paid for, period

      1. Deanette Hernandez

        I called Disney and they said they had no information at this time and so I don’t think Disney Realizes that how they handle this will affect future business I am very frustrated because I was going to buy annu passes for my kids and I was told that I can not take my kids because they did not have annual passes. Now that angered me because they are the reason we were going to get passes and that’s not what I agreed to do we should have the right to terminate our passes and we were promised as AP to park hop so they are in breach and I can tell you my family size is 7 so I want the option to cancel contract until things normalize goes to show you Disney doesn’t care and they should feel the loss financially because if it’s not handled i will be done with Disney and take my business elsewhere!

        1. Faithful Friend

          Totally agree! A billion-dollar company like Disney showed its real colors during this public health crisis. They never cared about the CMs or their passholders. They only care about profit!

    5. Josh

      Entitled? You’re a moron. It’s called receiving the benefit of the bargain of the contract. I paid $1300 for park hopping, photos, discounts on items I don’t need and most importantly, the ability to go to the parks I want, when I want. Disney can take all of the above items away as being out of their control except one. The ability for an annual passholder to go to a park when they want. They are giving passholders three days. That’s it. No reasonable person can plan an expensive travel trip to Central Florida on the hopes they can get in more than three days. I didn’t buy a risk. I bought a guarantee.

    6. Nora

      It is not a “privilege” to go to the park as an AP. I made the decision to move to FL to be closer to Disney. I paid for a FL resident Platinum pass (so I can go any day of the year—no blackouts). I can only go on the weekends because I work (to pay for the pass lol) and weekend reservations went in a flash.

      This was a financial transaction and a contract that said I could park hop. I understand capacity limits, but why not just do it like they would a holiday—if you get there early, you get in?? Having an AP is not a “privilege”, especially when you see there is available capacity for guest ticket holders but not for AP. I certainly don’t feel like a VIPassholder right now. I’ll be canceling and maybe try Universal.

  8. Jeff

    My concern is with APs making a reservation just to do it without a plan to come out just taking up spots.
    No park hopping to me isn’t that big a deal, I never really did it that much and tended to stay in one park at a time anyway.
    I’m not looking for Disney to make me whole on my AP for every single thing. They are extending them almost 4 months for the closure and hopefully the reservation system won’t be in place but a short time while we climb out of the pandemic.
    Everything is speculation at the moment, could end up being super easy, barely an inconvenience:)

    1. Nora

      They would obviously be breaching the contract if they didn’t “extend” the annual pass. If a park isn’t open and NO ONE can enter, then they have to extend. I think they are still breaching the contract by not having park hoping, but I can’t even imagine the backlash they’d face if the didn’t “extend” the expiration date.

  9. It depends on how many slots are given to passholders and how easy they are to get. A fair number and only Saturday is difficult to get is one thing. Another thing is few slots and if even a random Tuesday is a pain to get. Would the typical person be lucky to get 2 reservations for the rest the year? Or a couple of dozen times wouldn’t be that hard? Answer that and you might have an indication of what should be done.

  10. Rasheen

    They should give refunds to AP and let people who want to go and don’t have tickets yet buy tickets for Disney World parks.

    1. Kevin H Jones

      Funny that everyone here commenting wants everyone else but themselves to stay home. If you pay for goods and services, and for some reason you do not recieve those goods and services, just as you were ENTITLED to those goods and services when you paid for them, you are ENTITLED to a refund if those goods and services are not delivered. PERIOD. I made the mistake of suggesting on another site that DVC members and AP holders should have priority over other groups because of the more long term investments made, and it being a easy line to draw for Disney interms of not having to issue credits and refunds. It is academic that WDW cannot make it alone on locals. The revenue from locals alone cannot come close to the break even point for Disney. Some woman lost her mind and called be elitist and stupid, and when I told her I was a country a$$ m.fer, she called me an ignorant redneck. Basically, WDW should open all up full blown with reasonable protections for employees, but no masks. I am so sick and tired of living in a world imprisoned by the fear of others. If I die seeing Mickey, so be it. You who are scared will be happy for the world to be rid of the likes of me, and if you who are scared die, well, I won’t miss y’all either.

      1. Anne


      2. brighter

        If you die seeing Mickey, you’ll likely take a CM out with you. They have to be at work; you do not have to be at WDW. Do what you want so long as you don’t hurt or infect others.

    2. I totally agree the people that pay for platinum that are being possibly restricted should be given some form of compensation until things get back to normal

  11. Brian

    I’m OK with opening the parks without full amenities and a reservation system as long as people are given an option to not extend their annual passes. Which is what Disney promised.
    However, when I called Disney Guest Relations yesterday, and tried to tell them I didn’t wish to extend my still valid and fully paid for pass, the Cast Member informed me that Disney would NOT give me a pro-rated rebate for the period of time that Disneyland was closed due to the Coronavirus shutdown! I then asked to speak with a supervisor, who was very apologetic and sympathetic but explained that this was, in fact, Disney’s policy, regardless what they publicly announced. And Customer Relations CMs, even supervisors, had no power to change it.

    They claim that the reason why they cannot refund me anything is due to a technicality: I’d originally purchased my pass using monthly payments, but then paid it off, so my situation doesn’t neatly fit in either of the two scenarios that Disney had attempted to address in their shutdown policy for passholders. I had no monthly payments to stop, but, according to Disney’s system, I had not “paid in full” either (although, of course, I had.)

    They told me that the only options Disney is willing to offer me is to either:

    1. Extend my pass
    2. Lose the 3+ months fully paid up pass cost. Since I have a Signature Plus pass, that works out to about $250.

    To be clear, I had never requested an extension: I waited until Disney’s reopening policies and dates were made public, decided it was not for me, and called to inform them of my decision. At which point, I was told that my ONLY option was to accept an extension, or lose the money. And, since my pass expires on June 15th, I had until then to decide if I would accept Disney’s offer to extend my pass. If not, then I would lose the money I’d paid.

  12. Candace

    I agree, as a signature plus pass holder, I’m sadden to think I won’t be able to come to the park whenever I want and then think I’m going to have to still pay the high price for it. I think what would be right, since the system that will be in place is a reservation system, then all pass should be brought down to a flex pass. I don’t mind paying that.

  13. I hope Disney in the end does the right thing which as pass holders we all spent a $1000 or more trusting in the Disney brand,but some of the comments are very dis heartening as to think 1 size fits all while waiting for some answers to this complex problem. I agree pass holders from Florida have a better chance of visiting the parks easier than the rest off us who are out of state[Maryland] so why do you feel justified to voice how things are to be fixed for the the rest of us. We renewed our ap’s in January for a trip in March, then changed to May then June now September and it maybe even later if we can not get reservations plus no fireworks,parades etc. So do you think it is fair to me and others who are out of state to try to find reasonable air,hotel reservations rental car and not to mention dining res. and admission resv. all coordinated with Disney on a moments notice So AP holders from Florida please try to see what the shoe looks like on the foot before decided whats just good for you.

    1. Nora

      A lot of AP from Florida can only go on the weekends. Take a look at the availability calendar—you’ll see weekends are the first to go. You still have a really good chance during August and September and later if you go during the workweek. Just because I live in FL (Orlando even), doesn’t mean I can just go on a random Tuesday. High ho, high ho, it’s off to work I go (to pay for an annual pass)…

  14. Kristina

    I am furious. As for the comments made about AP HOLDERS being able “to go anytime they want” that IS CERTAINLY NOT TRUE! More than half of Disney AP HOLDERS are from out of state or country, so NO they can’t go anytime they want, furthermore, we paid big bucks to have no black out dates, etc. It’s bologna, and I personally have contacted an attorney because if Disney doesn’t give AP HOLDERS what WE PAID FOR than they can GUARANTEE a class action law suit. It is illegal to sell a product then take away 30% of what you were promised. It’s essentially a contract. It’s an “implied contract”, which will hold up in court, as any attorney knows. I’m sorry that there is COVID and I get it, but it comes down to what we AP HOLDERS paid for that we now are not receiving. Same with the Disney resorts. The implied and stated benefit of staying on property is the chance to get fast passes prior to others, and other advantages which now are no longer available. Disney is now pretty much a Motel 6. Why stay on property now? There is zero reason. I’m going to Universal were I’m GUARANTEED entry.

  15. Angie

    What this article totally doesn’t mention is the fact that annual passholders, regardless or where they live, Will not be able to park up, will not be able to have any parades or fireworks, will not have any character meet and greets, will not have any water parks available. That in itself is reason for modification of price to the passes. They speak about other things but they leave details out that are very important to most people going to the parks. Who wants to go to the park and see the characters from afar and not be able to have pictures with them. The water parks aren’t open then Why are platinum plus members paying for that? Besides the fact that the opportunity to fly for outside Florida members maybe hindered, there was much more here to look at that is not even mentioned.

  16. Michelle

    I spoke with Disney and my AP expired at the beginning of May. My pass will be extended for the # of days my pass was still valid once the parks reopen. I have opted for a partial refund for the 1.5 months instead of the extension. I am not in a rush & I know that Disney will be there.

  17. Chris

    They promised that they would take care of their passholders by not making them pay for the months we couldn’t use our passes (or extend than for those that said up front). However, they only shipped April’s payment and started charging again in May. They didn’t notify me that they were going to start charging my credit card again. Then when I called to ask about it, they left me on hold for an hour and dropped me into voicemail. I get it’s a tough time for them but it’s tougher for those of us who don’t make any money during this time either.

  18. Joe Miceli

    I agree with partially paying back some refund or extend the annual passholder. For one they are pretty much telling you what parks to go to and you can’t make your itinerary, if I understand this clearly you can’t go park hopping as well, they may limted you to one park a day or 2, that being said how does anyone see fit you are getting your money worth of a pass holder…..

  19. I have annual Florida passes with no black out days. They did expired at the end of May I know I have 30 to renew after the expired date I was waiting to see what happens now I go to my Disney account and do t even see my passes on there I thought they where going to extend them. I payed in full and didn’t ask for a refund so what happened to my passes bc if you renew you get a discount t.

  20. Linda H

    I, too, would like a refund on the value of my pass from the date of the closure. The new requirement to make a reservation renders my pass virtually unusable for me. I come from out of town, often at the last minute, and have always counted on the option of a spontaneous visit. With that gone, I will not be able to use my pass at all. Is there a Class Action suit somewhere? I just want my money back from the date of the park closure to my original expiration date.

  21. Dream

    Hello to all my fellow APH. Hope everyone is staying safe out there. I feel APH are being short changed, we signed a contract and it should be honored. Disney should give you the choice to cancel your contract or give a partial refund. DISNEY, shame on you to tell us to make reservations and hopefully we can get one. As APH we pay high amounts for our passes, we are the customers who spend so much money and don’t mind because we all love Disney but once again reservations thats not going to work. Fix the problem Disney.

  22. lorraine ann cramer

    my husband and I have platinum passes which means park hopping , going any time without restrictions. no reservations needed for the 12 months. I did receive and I kept the original letter saying we would have our passes extended but said nothing about any restrictions when they reopened. If I cannot get a reservation when I want to go, I will be very upset. We should have preference over those that go once a year or less. Maybe they spend a little more money when they book, but we buy meals, spend on things too in the parks. If they couldn’t accommodate us if they were all booked, then they should make the first month or two just for the AP holders

  23. Shyanne

    If they’re not going to give refunds or uphold any of the AP perks, for which we paid for, the least they could do is give APs priority. Since we have already paid and have been waiting months for this all to end, the least they could do is give us priority when getting a reservation, or letting us pick a day and making other be on lottery. SOMETHING for Disney to show that we aren’t just being thrown into the pot with every other person who wants to go to Disney. We have PAID and have been patiently waiting…

  24. If It’s a matter of contractual obligation, maybe a class action law suit will be needed remedy the situation for annual pass holders?

  25. Shane

    The contract we sign every year says “subject to changes” so well it sucks, we agreed to the terms.

  26. Nichole

    They have already stated they will limit the number of APs per day. If only say, 30,000 are allowed per park per day, and say WDW has 1 million APs (probably closer to 2 million, and DLR is at around 3 million), you can bet maybe nowhere near half of those slots are going to APs. So basically everyone is on the FlexPass, until the “lottery” reservation system is done away with. Typically they’d prefer the limited visitors to be the big spenders. That’s going to most likely be the higher priced APs and the “booked package guests”. So now we will all be FlexPass holders, whether we paid for that level or not. Depending on what the contract for payments states, and the laws in either FL or CA, we will see what kind of flexibility is available for negotiations. This sounds like a class-action lawsuit type of issue, though, really.

  27. Donna

    I’m an annual passholders who lives in Pennsylvania. It’s not possible for me to go any time I want. My visits involve airfare and lodging. Now it’s possible I’ll be limited in the amount of days I can visit and can’t park hop. I get the reason why but that’s not what I paid for.

  28. Linda

    I am an annual passholder from NJ. After reading this, yes it may look like an “inconvenience” to those who lost their $5,000.00 trip, but you are forgetting, not all passholders live in Florida. We spend the same money on flight, hotel, food etc. just like other out-of-town vacationers. We just choose to purchase the pass to get the discounts and go more times during the year. So don’t assume all passholders live next to the park and just park hop all week. There are passholders all over.

  29. Robyn

    I think that existing pass holders tickets should be extended until they are not limiting guest in as well as a opening the park hopping. We just purchased these passes just before the shut down it was not like they were about to expire and I expect more than I deserve but I do deserve to get what I paid for for a full year. If I wanted blackouts or to not be able to park hop that is the pass I would have bought. I am aware these are unusual times, but feel we should be made whole.

  30. Marc Kramer

    It is not right to not be able to hop. I have a special needs son who likes to do certain things in each park everyday.. I paid for that priviledge..Also I was told when I called the passholder assistance line , that you may only get reservations for 1 or 2 days what good does that do me if I’m from out of state and am going for a week? And yes out of state people spend much more money than Florida residents. I paid 4000 for passes, 300 a night for Disney hotels, 1200 for airfare 3 times a year, plus food and incidentals. It’s like 15000

  31. Larry--linda queen

    We have been annual passxholders for about 25 years…under present conditions we want a refund…

  32. Jason

    This is very simple. Disney sold all AP holders a set of benefits that come with their purchase (unlimited admission, park hopping, etc.) and they can’t remove benefits after you have paid for it (I believe that would be called bait and switch, which is illegal) with out compensation. I believe that they need to do something to make things right and that could be some sort of refund for the lost benefits or like others have said just don’t start the clock again until the parks a fully open and AP holders can use all of the benefits they paid for.

    1. Doug

      All terms, conditions and benefits including, but not limited to, admission privileges, Blockout Dates, prices, Pass type availability, parking locations, benefits and discounts are subject to restrictions, availability, and change or cancellation without notice at any time.

      1. Waylon Brando

        Doug: The one guy who read the terms and conditions


        1. Shawn

          Not that simple. Disclaimers are attackable legally and are often defeated. Example – signs that say Th e business is not libel for accidents that occur on their premises. No so just because they say so. I suspect there will be some attorneys that take a look at this. Even if Disney can legally get away with this it would be a really bad PR move to do this to what they keep saying are their most valued customers.

  33. Suzze

    We bought Florida resident silver passes on 3-5 and went twice, we paid in full. 10 days later they closed. I have called twice and can’t get a straight answer. They say someone will call me with options. The only option I’m interested in is a full refund minus our two day visit. They changed all the rules and the passes are useless. I will not wear a mask to Disney.

  34. Frank

    I have been a PH for several years and just renewed our passes for another year. The fact that we can’t come to the parks whenever we want, there are no fireworks/parades and are only guaranteed three days per reservation. Given this, I believe that the PH should have the option to suspend their benefits until which time all restrictions are lifted. Its only fair and if they don’t I would expect a class action law suite to follow. This is pretty crappy to treat some of their most loyal customers this way.

    As for the moron who doesn’t want to wear a mask, if you don’t have enough compassion for yourself, think of all of the people out there with compromised immune systems that you and people like you are risking their lives. These people deserve the same liberties you or I have. I hope you can put your head on your pillow knowing that you could potentially be killing people or destroying families because of your ignorant views.

  35. NoMagicForMe

    My AP was renewed on March 6, one week before they closed the parks. It has not been used once! I’ve been trying since April to get my money back from Disney but keep getting the runaround. Even tried doing a dispute with the credit card I used to pay for the pass in full. I was told by them that Disney clearly states that payment for the AP in non-refundable. At nearly 70 years old I don’t see myself going to any of the parks anytime soon no matter how “safe” they say they’ve made them. All I see is $650.00 down the tube.

  36. Roberta

    We’re seniors (68 and 72) with fully paid Platinum AP’s that would have renewed in March had the parks been open.

    My preference would be to get a full refund for the renewal. If not, I would like to either suspend the Platinum APs until the parks are fully open OR even a downgrade to a silver pass.

    The current restrictions make APs a very bad investment.

  37. DONALD

    Disney needs to be held financially accountable for their actions. AP’s with no blackout dates are being denied admission as per their 365 day contract. Since Disney shut down on March 16 2020 and until the theme park can operate at a capacity to meet or exceed the original terms of the contract with AP’s then all passes must be extended the difference between March 16 2020 and the future 100% reopening date. Being limited to 3 days is not in our contract. If Disney does not agree with this logical approach then let’s get together and sue for a lifetime of free admission…beer!

  38. I just want to get my money back from the closing date of the park until my original expiration date.

  39. One point that has not been brought up is what about the future going forward. I do not see the resolution by Disney in making whole on their promise to pass holders of providing full refunds or longer extensions, so it looks like we are going to get screwed, so here is my suggestion, DO NOT buy anything Disney for the rest of 2020 or as long as they continue to offer the watered down Disney park experience unless they make this right, that includes passes, tickets, merchandise, hotels,movies,food, sponsors of ABC,ESPN etc. My feeling is we all are about to lose out on money and the true Disney experience we all paid for so hit them were it hurts not with words but the one thing they value the most but the almighty dollar. I will not take the 4 month extension but will opt for the refund, united we stand.

  40. Kristina

    I have 2 Premier Pass’s that I bought under the “implied contract” of being able to park hop, go to ANY park as often as I choose, and with no black out days…I also stay at the resorts, so my August 3rd trip will NOT INCLUDE, park hopping, extra magic hours, 60 days advance pick of fast passes, decreased park hours, no parades, no fireworks, no meet and greets, and the smaller things like no refillable mugs, no dinner shows, no self serve options, etc. I PAID FOR ALL OF THESE BENEFITS AND I want my money back. Will you pay full price for a one day ticket to Disney, and only get 70 percent of the value of admission????

  41. Ray

    I called and opted for the partial refund. My AP was set to expire on June 22. They told me that the request would be sent to the finance department and they will determine what my refund will be. This was like 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I happen to login to my account and see that my AP was extended from June 22 to like October 15. I told them I didn’t want the extension, I tried to call them to follow up but was on hold for over an hour and couldn’t wait any longer. I will call them again but just curious if anyone has actually received the partial refund?

  42. Daniel

    I support a class action lawsuit.

    1. Mauricio Terneus

      Same here

  43. James DiFranco

    It is so refreshing to hear so many voices echoing many of our sentiments about our annual pass situation. We purchased annual passes (family of 6) to plan two vacations around spring break. All we’re looking for is the opportunity to plan the same experience we had previously booked (and canceled) in a safe environment. Currently, my state PA is asking for a 14 day self-quarantine if traveling to Florida. My wife’s a nurse and I’m an educator with plenty on our plates to begin with. So, wasn’t happy that our passes were issued an expatriation date (from start of the first park opening, not all mind you) and less than two weeks to arrange everything even if we wanted to and felt safe enough to risk it. As many suggested, there are several options they could’ve (still could) offered to appease AP holders. Instead, they’re choosing to add more stress and confusion to an already anxiety filled time in families lives. Not magical, not ok, and easily fixable.

  44. Dan

    What is the last day to cancel or ask for a partial refund of the AP? I have called Disney and the individual I spoke with had no clue! With parks reopening tomorrow for passholders, I am not sure if I should keep my options open or tell them to process the refund. If I can keep my options open for a longer period of time, I’d rather do that!

  45. Anonymous

    Has anyone ACTUALLY received their partial refunds? And what about the months left on our pass after Disney reopens that we can’t use!?!

  46. Jaxie

    It is not a legitimate complaint that passholders don’t spend as much as ticket holders. I don’t live near the parks so I still have to pay for all my accommodation, food and travel when I visit. That argument needs to stop. I do agree that Disney corporation needs to honor the AP as it was intended. Do what is right. With the current attitude I, and I am sure many others, will be saying
    “Now as you see, this game is through
    So although it hurts, I’ll try to smile
    As I say, goodbye, so soon
    And isn’t this a crime?
    We know by now that time knows how to fly
    So here’s goodbye, so soon
    You’ll find your separate way
    With time so short I’ll say so long
    And go, so soon

  47. Linda Taylor

    I have been trying to get my partial refund since May 29 I called. I have been calling since many times on hold for over an hour.. N no one answers. I am an Annual pass holder for years. I would also like my refund n then cancel.. I have not been happy with the way Disney is handling issues.. My daughter is a travel agent n books a lot of Disney trips n cruises. I myself been to Disney about 30 visits. Please get back to me.. Thank you! Linda

  48. The contract we sign every year says “subject to changes” so well it sucks, we agreed to the terms.

  49. Ramona Sef

    I am so frustrated, and quite frankly, livid at Disney. I bought two annual passes in December 2019. these passes were never redeemed. According to there press statement, I am entitled to a full refund. Have I received it? NO! Of course, I cannot contact them directly. I am directed to their policy page, which says that I am entitled to the refund. How long do I have to wait while they continue to make millions of dollars as a corporation. I would gladly join in on a class action suit. This is unacceptable!

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