Annual Passholders Suing Disney World Over Park Pass Availability

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A pair of Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passholders filed a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company on Tuesday.

The anonymous pair, referred to as Orange County resident “M.P.” and Palm Beach County resident “E.K.” in court documents, alleges that Disney is unfairly treating Annual Passholders through its Park Reservation system. The Passholders say Disney Park Pass reservations are often “sold-out” for Guests with Annual Passes. Meanwhile, the Disney Parks still welcome Guests with single-day tickets.

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“Disney’s conduct is a predatory business practice, aimed at exploiting the customers who support it the most, its annual pass holders. Disney abused a global pandemic to take advantage of its own loyal customers and increase its revenue,” the lawsuit states.

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M.P. paid $633 per year for each family member, while E.K. was on a $68 monthly payment plan. Both had been Disney Parks fans for years and purchased Annual Passes expecting to be able to visit 365 days per year without advance planning.

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Walt Disney World Resort hasn’t commented publicly on the lawsuit. Inside the Magic will report any updates on this case, filed in the United States District Court’s Orlando division.

Legal Trouble at Disneyland Resort

Magic Key holders filed a similar lawsuit against Disneyland Resort in 2021, approved by a federal judge this May. The $5 million lawsuit alleges that “Disneyland relegated them to “second class” ticket holders by artificially limiting Magic Key reservations and the number of pass holders that can visit on any given day.”

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The lawsuit was initially filed by Magic Key holder Jenale Nielsen in Orange County Superior Court in Southern California. Neilsen alleges that when Disneyland’s reservation system was not at capacity, Disney held reservations for other Guests and told Passholders that reservations were not available, a direct contradiction of the “zero blackouts” advertised. The lawsuit reads:

“The problem was not that Disney had reached its capacity and therefore could not provide reservations to its Dream Key pass holders. The problem was that Disney had decided to block out reservations so that they were only available to new purchases and were not available to Dream Key pass holders.

Disney appears to be limiting the number of reservations available to Dream Key pass holders on any given day in order to maximize the number of single day and other passes that Disney can sell.”

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Neilsen’s lawyers hope to have the case certified as a class-action lawsuit for all Disneyland Passholders.
Last December, The Walt Disney Company attempted to strike the lawsuit. Disney spokesperson Liz Jaeger stated:
“We have been clear about the terms of the Magic Key product and we know that many of our Guests are enjoying the experiences these passes provide… We will vigorously defend our position as the case proceeds.”
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