Comments for 5 Ways The Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror Are Tied Together

Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror


  1. Mark

    Is there a way to warn rebel ravenclaw/orange bird not to keep reading to the end of article!?
    Gavin you forgot both places are actually haunted! Just had add that and no not by Harley and some that think there ghosts!

    1. Harley

      I am mansion ghost whom has ventured rarest occasion to tower as i do not like the heights from there but apperciate a story… thats all anyone whom claims facts has stories! All of us whom ghosts know our truths and have many swinging wakes…. so note to hurry back bc the rain never stops!

  2. Harley

    Amen! Btw ghost nation is the best show ever!

  3. Harley

    Omg its so true spiel attractions have def changed! Or not many were as strict as our dear gmr!

    1. Davis

      Where did my orginal post go??? This site glitches almost as much as the experience app does!

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