Haunted Mansion Empties as all 999 Happy Haunts Leave for a Much-Deserved Vacation

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Haunted Mansion Ghost take a vacation

The Florida Turnpike and Interstate 4 have just become the most haunted roads in America. With the Magic Kingdom closed, for the time being, the ghostly residents of the beloved attraction, The Haunted Mansion, have decided to dearly depart for a brief vacation. All 999 of them.

Inside the Magic first learned of the news when we received an anonymous tip with photographic evidence that hitchhiking ghosts were spotted materializing near the I-4 exit ramp that usually leads to Walt Disney World.

Happy Haunts spotted on I-4

In order to confirm this surprise exodus, we reached out to Madame Leota. She told us that several haunts were not as happy as they should be, and a little extra rest and relaxation was necessary for the good of their eternal rest, and for all future Walt Disney World guests. Disney’s resident psychic and soothsayer, whose séance is a key part of the attraction, also told us that Walt Disney World President Josh D’Amaro met with the Ghost Host directly to explain the situation. Apparently, when the host relayed the info to the mansion’s residents, they began spiriting away almost instantly.

Madame Leota Haunted Mansion
Credit: Haunted Mansion Wiki

Now, we can understand why our favorite ghosts would jump at the chance to get out. Not only do they not have to worry about entertaining tourists all day, but since no people are out and about they don’t have to worry about scaring anybody else either. After all, no ghoul wants to deal with people screaming bloody murder while they try to take a lovely stroll down the beach. Especially when they’re off-duty.

Many of those fleeing ghosts declared plans to visit the ghosts in old hotels like the Don Cesar, the fort at St. Augustine, and the old mansions across the state. Madame Leota told us not to worry about the happy haunts going too far from home. Living in a mansion has caused them to acquire a very bougie taste and won’t subjugate themselves to using any of the cargo planes or trucks leaving the area.

As for Madame Leota, herself, she will remain in the Haunted Mansion with the Ghost Host. With all of those crazy partygoers rushing off to parts unknown, they actually have time to enjoy the peace and quiet. However, she is keeping the words to a special séance close by that will be used when the parks reopen to call all 999 haunts back to the mansion. Hopefully, they’ll meet a friend. After all, there’s room for 1,000.

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