Madame Leota celebrates Haunted Mansion 50th with new ghostly gown

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Custom Madam Leota Gown

Just in time for the Haunted Mansion’s ghostly golden anniversary, Madame Leota seems set to materialize in stunning style. Leaving her crystal ball behind, the revered medium shines in new ethereally elegant attire for her upcoming materialization.

Cleverly crafted by designer Firefly Path, Mansion fans will lose their heads over her new ghostly gown! Deliciously designed with a black and purple palate, this ballroom worthy wonder will actually glow from within.

Madame Leota gown detail

Collaborators Raiya Corsiglia and Benjamin Wallace plan a spirited surprise. Unfortunately, they reveal little of their Haunted Mansion project. Only one detail materialized. Madame Leota plays a role. A powerful seance reveals nothing more. Even serpents and spiders stay silent. However, thanks to that one detail, we do know that Leota gets a gorgeous, ghostly gown.

Hunted Mansion 50th logo

Madame Leota and her glowing gown

Experts at Firefly Path designed this majestically macabre masterpiece. The gown manifests in two main parts. A skirt, complete with ghostly glowing enhancements, and bat-wing sleeved corset make up this paranormal pairing.

Spectral Skirt

“We created her gown to look like a ghostly apparition, the bottom of her gown dissipates into wispy strands of fabric. Her skirt is made up of several layers of fabric created a ghostly dimension, black tulle, sparkle tulle, embroidered organza, two-tone organza, and an overskirt of black mesh, and beaded lace. We created the lace trim on the overskirt by cutting and hand-sewing those pieces along the edge with a trim of golden coins. We also hand-sewed gold flower lace throughout the bottom of the skirt.

Under all those layers is a customized black hoop-skirt that we added a four-tier ruffle to AND sewed two strips of LED light to the inside so that when she walks an eerie glow of green is seen under her skirt!” – Firefly path

Madame Leota Gown full front

Cleverly crafted Corset

“The sides of her corset are made of satin with a center panel of glitter mesh and embroidered organza to tie in with the twinkling of the skirt. We created organza bat-wing style sleeves that sweep over her arms. The top is trimmed with the matching beaded lace. A sash of gold coins and chains sweeps across her chest for a Mystical fortune teller vibe.” Firefly Path

Madame Leota Gown close up

A Swinging Wake?

Firefly Path posted pictures of their creepy-cool creation on Facebook. Unfortunately, few details emerge regarding the macabre manifestation of this glamorous and ghostly gown. Will Madame Leota make appearances at Disneyland’s official celebration? Perhaps, Raiya Corsiglia and Benjamin Wallace will thrill fans with a new video or photoshoot. Fans can follow all three players on Facebook, just click on the name links above.

The Haunted Mansion Celebrating 50 years logo

Source and images:Disney, Firefly Path Facebook Page

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