Why You Can Feel Safe During Your Next Disney Resort Vacation

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Disney health and safety measures

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The thought of going back to our favorite Disney resort or park is equally exciting and worrying. 

Some Disney fans have voiced concern that Shanghai Disney Resort reopened too early, whilst others have found their health and safety measures to be impractical or obtrusive.

However, guest safety is at the top of the Walt Disney Company’s agenda, something we’ve seen through the reopening of both Shanghai Disneyland park and Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida.

With the various enforced health and safety measures and the phased reopening of the parks, here’s why you should feel safe when you can eventually take a vacation to your favorite Disney resort.

Shanghai Disney Resort park health and safety measures

Shanghai Disney health and safety
Source: Shanghai Disney Resort

As we’ve seen from Shanghai Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney Company is taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. Compulsory face masks, temperature screening, additional hand sanitizer, and, of course, social distancing have all been rolled out to ensure guest safety.

We’ve also seen Hong Kong Disneyland trial social distancing character dining to ensure that when the parks reopen, they do so as safely as possible. Shanghai Disney Resort has even banned guests from physically interacting with Disney characters to maintain social distancing rules.

This along with a limited capacity of guests has allowed the park to operate with some level of normalcy in spite of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Disney Springs health and safety measures

earl of sandwich dining
Credit: Disney Springs

Perhaps a better template for how health and safety procedures at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort will operate is Disney Springs. The Florida based shopping resort will fall in line with state-mandated health and safety measures, similar to what we can expect from Magic Kingdom Park and all other Orlando theme parks when they eventually reopen.

These guidelines currently require employees to wear face masks as well as undertake a temperature check prior to the start of their shift. Other cleanliness factors must be adhered to such as the use of paper/disposable menus, the encouragement of take-out and online orders, touchless hand sanitizer at entryways, and hand sanitizer at every table.

We also know that a specifically designed team of cast members have been put together to ensure that social distancing is adhered to, something we can absolutely expect Walt Disney parks in America to start doing too.

Bear in mind though, that like every other country and business, disease control can only be so effective. Disney has even sent out an alert reminding any visitors of the measures that they need to take ahead of visiting Disney Springs. It reminds guests that despite the Walt Disney Company doing everything they can to make Disney Springs safe, carelessness can be fatal. Especially for those in high-risk groups.

Disney coronavirus warning
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Disney park vacations for high-risk individuals

Disney World Grandparents and Grandkids
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More than anything else it’s vital that we all stay safe and be sensible. The use of social distancing and hand sanitizer is one thing, but if you’re elderly or have an underlying health condition, you’re far more at risk, even after lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

We all want to get back to our favorite theme park, but make sure that if you fall into one of these groups, you’re putting your safety above your desire to visit your favorite attraction or ride. Even with all of these new Disney park health and safety protocols, there is an inherent risk of catching the coronavirus for high-risk visitors, so bear this in mind before booking that vacation when the parks reopen.

It’s refreshing to see the health and safety steps that Shanghai, Hong Kong, and now Orlando Disney parks, resorts, and shopping districts are taking to ensure that guest safety remains the highest priority.

So if you feel comfortable visiting your favorite Disney park when they eventually reopen, you can feel content that the parks are doing everything they can to ensure that the disease is kept under control.

Just be sure to do your bit and maintain physical distancing and follow every instruction that the Disney theme parks give without hesitation.

Do you think that the safety program for Disney Springs is substantial enough? Will you be returning to your favorite park as soon as possible in light of these enhanced safety measures? Let us know in the comments below.

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