Fans Speak Out On Shanghai Disneyland’s Health and Safety

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Shanghai Disney Resort Health and Safety procedures

Source: Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disney Resort has taken a huge step toward renormalizing the global theme park experience. Since Monday, guests have been able to enjoy the magic of Shanghai Disneyland, with limitations on attractions, rides, and guest numbers.

We recently wrote an article pondering if Shanghai Disney Resort had opened too early, but our minds were largely eased by a lengthy press release from the resort outlining what precautions Shanghai Disneyland is taking to ensure guests are kept safe and the spread of the coronavirus outbreak is limited.

Now we want to know what you, the Disney community, think. The limited-capacity initial reopening combined with the strict safety measures has caused ferocious debate on whether this is the right way for Disney parks to operate. We’ve compiled a heck of a lot of opinions from the comments section of our Shanghai Disneyland related articles, and people certainly feel strongly about some of the health and safety precautions.

Having to wear a mask in the park is a particular sticking point.

First of all, let’s refresh ourselves with Shanghai Disneyland’s policy. This information is taken directly from the Shanghai Disneyland reopening press release available at Shanghai Disney Resort’s website.

Shanghai Disney Resort’s new health and safety measures

Shanghai Disney health and safety
Source: Shanghai Disney Resort

‘During this initial reopening phase, the park will institute new measures and procedures, including opening with limited attendance and required advanced ticketing and reservations, accommodating social distancing in queues, restaurants, ride vehicles and other facilities throughout the park, and implementing increased frequency of sanitization and disinfection.’

  • ‘On May 11, the majority of Shanghai Disneyland’s attractions, rides, some shows and shopping and dining locations will resume operations, with controlled attendance. Some interactive attractions and experiences, such as children play areas, and theater shows will remain closed. Guests can check the availability of attractions and entertainment through the resort’s official website and app.’
  • ‘To accommodate social distancing, parades and nighttime spectaculars will also return at a later date. During the initial reopening phase, a special Disney character procession, Mickey and Friends Express, will take place several times daily, and the Enchanted Storybook Castle will come to life with light and music at dusk each day with Evening Magical Moments.’
  • ‘Beloved Disney characters will appear in the park in a new way, as they make appearances in each of the themed lands, greeting and welcoming everyone back to Shanghai Disneyland. Close interaction and close-up photos with characters will be suspended during the initial phase of reopening.
  • ‘The frequency of sanitization measures will be increased in order to augment the standards of cleanliness already in place throughout the park, and hand sanitizers will be available at attractions, restaurants, and stores.’

Shanghai Disney Resort’s visitors have strict health and safety rules to follow

Shanghai Disney health and safety
Source: Shanghai Disney Resort

According to the press release shared on Shanghai Disneyland’s website, guests must:

  • ‘Provide basic personal information for each guest visiting the park, including name, phone number, ID type, and ID number via Shanghai Disney Resort’s official online channels after purchasing a ticket and prior to arriving at the resort. A Shanghai Disneyland Reservation QR Code will be provided after the successful submission of the required identification information, and guests will be required to present the code before entering the theme park’
  • ‘Register for the Health QR Code prior to their arrival, which will be required to be presented upon entering any location at Shanghai Disney Resort. Only guests with a green Health QR Code will be allowed to enter the resort’
  • ‘Be prepared to present a China government ID card, or valid travel document, for each guest at the park turnstiles (photos or printed copies will not be accepted)’
  • ‘Undergo temperature screening procedures upon arrival’
  • ‘Wear an approved mask during the entire visit to the resort except when dining. (These measures will continue to be reviewed as the situation warrants, and may be further adjusted)’.

What the Disney community thinks of Shanghai’s new health and safety procedures

Shanghai Disney health and safety
Source: Shanghai Disney Resort

It’s obvious that this policy is ever-changing. Since the announcement, we reported that some mask restrictions have been lifted already. It’s also important to note that Disneyland Shanghai is not Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort. Many of our commenters were concerned with the idea of wearing a face mask in the hot Orlando sun, but we thus far have no reason to believe that this health and safety policy would be exactly the same across theme parks. So as always, we’ll wait on the official word from the theme parks directly.

With that said, let’s take a look at your thoughts on the new policies. Take it away, Disney community;

‘While I would love to see the parks open to the public, I will not return if face masks are required. And I’m ok with that. I will miss my home away from home, but I just can’t enjoy this experience with a face mask:( to all that will be going to the parks…have fun and stay safe:)’

‘Hope they use common sense in the reopening of WDW. Inside an attraction I don’t have a problem with a mask, outside in the heat; yeah not a good idea.’

‘No Disney for me until masks aren’t required.’

Now more than ever, I want the first row in all rollercoasters. I don’t wanna be behind anyone, thank you.’

‘I sure hope this doesn’t carry over into the States. If people don’t have to wear masks, they won’t and that’s too dangerous to risk going.’

‘I have no issue with having to wear a mask when in a ride line or in a building. But outside in that heat? I’ll just plan on rescheduling for a cooler month. With all the restrictions and limited offerings… it’s not worth spending 7k on a vacation for a half experience.’

‘Won’t be going to Disneyland wearing a mask ever. There is no new normal wearing a mask. Would completely ruin the experience and tarnish all the memories my family have had there.’

‘I love Disney and have been many, many times. But until they operate like they used to, not going back unless they greatly reduce the cost along with the reduced experience.’

Disney better come to their senses. Masks is not magical, a vacation or effective at anything except becoming a petri dish for bacteria. My trip on June 1st (if they don’t cancel for me) will be cancelled and we will not return to any Disney properties as long as such a mandatory policy is in place. I would also be seeking a suspension of my APs. America used to be the nation of personal responsibility. Everyone now wants to control how each other live. Disney used to be my escape from reality. This policy just makes it more of the same. Do the right thing Disney, keep things magical!’

If Disney is going to take away character meet and greet, fireworks, and parades they need to evaluate there prices. It’s not ok to charge full prices when we are not getting the full experience. They also need to tell their guests how long this will go on for. My reservations were canceled in March and changed to June but how will the experience be?

I think I’d be ok. Keep in mind I am 60 and usually travel to Disney alone these past few year as my kids are all grown up. If I had little ones that really would be a deal breaker for them, I’d just go alone I’m good with distant pics then everyone gets a chance and no lines!’

If you have visited Shanghai Disney Resort since the introduction of the new health and safety guidelines, we want to hear from you! We’ve heard a Shanghai Disneyland cast member’s perspective, but we would love to know how you found the new procedures. Leave your first-hand account in the comments below.

For everyone else, what do you think of the new Shanghai Disneyland health and safety procedures? How would you like Walt Disney World and Disneyland resort park to operate either similarly or differently? Let us know in the comments below.

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