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Shanghai Disney Resort Health and Safety procedures

Source: Shanghai Disney Resort


  1. Davis

    “Many of our commenters were concerned with the idea of wearing a face mask in the hot Orlando sun” forget guests cms might protest it! If its too hot for us to stand in line think of those cms in outdoor positions they are right there w you and at least you could wear shorts some of our uniforms are mandatory pants! I am security as ride out at wdw i can tell you we even want to take breaks w our masks! Lets be realistic how that sign will look in wdw w all the different “please do not stand here” it might take up the box and have no feet! The box though is clever to say stand here better than parade tape which is what we are using right now to measure! Please just be patience by the time the parks reopen everything maybe mute who knows as a friend and i were saying its all catch 22 you want to reopen but you want be safe and make sure your following the rules of the state just like Shanghai did w the country!

  2. Rebel Orange Bird

    The QR code will never work at wdw virtual queues barely work! That app glitches enough its a sin and it has had viruses on it do not believe me as my old phone! Btw the app still says the parks are open so lets not rely on it! Its liks olaf says advancements in tech will be our savior and our doom!

  3. Guy from the Rock

    I just can’t see going to wdw being worth the money anymore. My family won’t be going until things go back to normal, if that’s even possible. We will still take our usual trips to Florida but will not be paying to go into those parks.

    1. Harley

      All theme parks are going to have similar protocol until normal returns right now its as i call it catch 22 world bc thats what new normal is one big catch 22! Ie. No one is going to be exactly happy by it but hopefully this too shall pass! Like everything else has but that all took time too… disney wasnt built in a day it has no way of opening in one!
      I keep saying to my family your going to now have 3 groups
      The bubble people whom will never think anything is safe… the common sense crowd that wants to be safe but wants normal… and then theres the piss and moan its all about me crowd that thinks disney is going to open for them just bc and this was a hoax! Same people whom probably think 9/11 was a hoax too! Sorry i lived in ny almost lost my dad that wasnt a hoax neither is this and if you think it is tell that to people whom lost loved ones… Yes granted for many this is like a flu we get it but the flu is still just as deadly 300k+ died from the flu within the past yrs and yes we just went on w our lives and we will from this too… but in time not tomorrow not june not july but in time!

      1. Harley

        Ps. This disclaimer found on mask box….when wearing this product if you have lung disease like emphysema or chronic heart problems as well as allergies or cronic cough due to non illness related issue. Stop wearing immediately!
        So those of us that have those issues state side are we not aloud into disney bc of the whole mask thing bc if so thats really sad! Plus our summer heat in fl omg thats not screaming health hazard thats osha issue right there for cms! I hope disney thinks this through!

  4. I wear a respirator half mask for my work for most of my 8 hour work day. If this type of mask is acceptedand ticket price is reduced along side an open air mask designation zone with social distance area to rest. I would go in a heart beat and enjoy short lines for open attractions.
    Freedom is not a license to put my needs before your health. And to any learned responsible adult who does not think mask do more good then harm ate just plain spoiled or ignoring the Scientific methods usef to study and prove, mask work to protect others, including you when I wear my mask.

    1. Dani

      Thank you for this! In the US we really need to rethink our culture of individualism, and start considering the needs of our extended community (i.e. beyond our nuclear family). Our individual rights only extend as far as not causing harm to others. Not all masks are created equal, and some are more breathable than others. Some reasonable guidelines around where and when to take breaks would also be helpful. We are resilient enough to get used to this new normal.
      I’d love to hear from the Disney fans in Shanghai what they think about their own reopening experience. I’m sure we’d hear very different perspectives.

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