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Disney health and safety measures

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  1. Janie

    When people realize Disney is not in charge of FL or cali the govenor is!
    When they realize this is not the worst thing to happen N there are still things that will kill you quicker
    Unfortunately ever since this happen people forgot the top 3 killers are still
    Heart attack
    Suicide/mental health!
    Theres no cures nor vaxx for any of that!!!
    Are you all going to continue to live life in a bubble and w masks on then blame the others whom do not! We are all human and disney is not in charge of others common sense nor yours! Thats what scares me the most! I rather stay home w my kids then deal w all that at the parks as a cm.

  2. Mark

    I felt safe even before this nonsense i do not live in a bubble! Disney needs to stop convincing it self it needs to make those people whom will not be coming to the parks feel safe! Or did i misunderstand the reason why they put out a liability clause!? Disney nor the world is not going to make everyone happy thats not not how it works!!!! We are all only human w understand but also w faults!!! Its like life and death are part of being human just like getting sick!!! Paranoia is just as unhealthily as covid and has taken as many lives! My parents died from the common cold makes me want to live double for them not live my life in a bubble!

  3. tom

    How safe will people feel when they start passing out from the heat from wearing masks?

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