What Disney Resort Should You Stay at Based on Your Personality or Zodiac Sign?

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What Disney Resort Should You Stay at Based on Your Personality

Credit: Disney Vacation Club

Is wanderlust on your brain and you’re trying to plan your next trip?  Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out where to go or stay.  Even if you’re just thinking Disney, there are so many Disney properties to choose from just in the United States alone.  How do you know which one is right for you?

Everyone has a different personality which calls for something specific to your interests, and many of us believe that our personality types are strongly connected to our zodiac signs.  This is guide for planning what hotel to stay at on your next Disney vacation based off the interests of your personality type.  It’s fun and may not be 100% to what you like, but that’s the Disney magic, you can make it your own!  Stay at one, or stay at all of them!

Aquarius, or the Sentimental Friend

Hotel: Grand Floridian

If you’re the person who likes to have fun with friends, this is a great spot for you.  It’s a close distance to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and a good spot to watch the fireworks with your loved ones.  When you’re just hanging back at the hotel, the lobby has a live orchestra which is awesome for sing-a-longs or just a place to have meaningful conversation with friends.

Grand Floridian
Credit: Disney Vacation Club

Pisces, or the Tropical Vacation Lover

Hotel: Aulani

Well, Pisces is the fish symbol so of course we had to give this personality the most tropical Disney spot.  If you’re looking to unwind while swimming in the pool or ocean, you can do all of that at Aulani.  It’s an awesome place for water themed activities, restaurants, or napping by the water.  The water allows you to be calm and reconnect with yourself.

Credit: Disney Aulani

Aries, or the Individual

Hotel: Polynesian Villas and Bungalows

This individual loves action and the Polynesian has so many fun things to do.  This island themed hotel is the first Disney Resort where you can stay in a hotel room sitting on top of water.  You can take the monorail or ride a water taxi to the Magic Kingdom, try all the South Pacific cuisine, and enjoy a luau.

Credit: Disney

Taurus, or the Foodie

Hotel: Coronado Springs

They say that a Taurus loves cooking and music.  Since you’re on vacation, you probably don’t want to do any cooking and Coronado Springs will fit all your culinary needs and dining reservations.  You’re also not too far from the Animal Kingdom which also has tons of fun cuisine!

Credit: Disney

Gemini, or the One with the Best of Both Worlds

Hotel: Boardwalk Inn

Geminis need to be going all the time with split personality traits.  It’s best when you can do multiple things in one day, which is why we picked Boardwalk Inn.  With it being so close to Epcot, you can visit different countries all over the world in one spot!  When you’re done traveling through Epcot, you can walk through the promenade at the Boardwalk Inn for an exciting night.

Credit: Disney

Cancer, or the Traditionalist

Hotel: Grand Californian

This is a cozy hotel perfect for someone who loves tradition.  The Grand Californian Hotel is based off the Arts and Crafts movement in California which gives it a craftsmanship feel.  You’re right at Disney California Adventure and a hop, skip and a jump from the Grizzly Rapids ride.

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa
Credit: Disney

Leo, or the Party Animal

Hotel: Saratoga Springs

This one’s for the party animal!  Saratoga Springs is right across from Disney Springs which makes it the perfect accommodation for the ones who are looking for a great gathering of friends.  After a day at the pools, take a boat over to Disney Springs for fun dining options, star music, and nightlife.

Saratoga Springs
Credit: Disney Vacation Club

Virgo, or the Animal Lover

Hotel: Animal Kingdom Lodge

Do we have animal lovers out there?  Well, then you should put the Animal Kingdom Lodge on your bucket list.  Take the morning to head on a Kilimanjaro Safari tour.  Then visit all the attractions at the Animal Kingdom, the most nature based Disney park.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
Credit: Disney

Libra, or the Fun One

Hotel: Port Orleans

Jazz harmony and Mardi Gras is what Port Orleans brings to Orlando.  It’s going to give you all the Princess and the Frog feels.  You have your choice of the French Quarter or Riverside.  It’s a perfect spot to take a bike ride along the riverside.  And when you get hungry Mickey Beignets anyone?

Credit: Disney

Scorpio, or the Lover of Luxury

Hotel: Contemporary Resort

If you’re thinking deluxe resorts, this is it!  The Contemporary Resort is for the person who loves the luxury and grand things in life.  There’s nothing more grand than being walking distance from the Magic Kingdom Park.  You can stay at the Contemporary Resort or its neighboring Bay Lake Tower.  The monorail comes right through this modern hotel.  Its cuisine is California inspired, which reminds us of the home of the original Disneyland.

Credit: Disney

Sagittarius, or the Outdoorsy One

Hotel: Fort Wilderness

No other hotel will get you closer to mother nature that being at Fort Wilderness.  You’ll love both the Campsites in RV’s or lodging in the Cabins.  It feels like you’re in the great outdoors, but there are still awesome Disney character experiences and activities for you to enjoy.

Fort Wilderness Resort
Credit: Disney

Capricorn, or the History Buff

Hotel: Disneyland Hotel

It says the best vacation for a Capricorn is taking a historical journey.  So let’s bring it back to the original Disneyland that sparked the inspiration for all these other resorts.  Disney is all about family and traditions and Disneyland was built around that for Walt Disney.  Not to mention, Disneyland Hotel is the perfect hotel for a park hopper!

Disneyland Hotel
Credit: Disney

You can’t go wrong with any of the Disney Resorts because there’s Disney magic!  Maybe your personality fits more at another one as you read through.  The fun part is you aren’t confined to anything and that’s the freedom of vacation and traveling!

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