Get Your Hands On These Universal Monsters LEGO IDEAS As They Seek Support

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Universal Monsters drawn as LEGOS

We’ve seen a host of delightful Disney inspired potential LEGO sets seek selection for production. Now, a fiendishly fun Universal Monsters LEGO IDEAS set seeks support.

Timing for this potential paranormal LEGO set could not be better. Rumors and speculation suggest that Universal is about to unleash a Classic Monsters themed land in their new Epic Universe theme park.

Universal Monsters LEGO IDEAS lead

ITM readers, especially Haunted Mansion fans, should recognize the name Mason Price Betterly.  Not only did Mason direct the fiendishly fun Haunted Mansion inspired video, “A Hitchhiker’s Tale,” his proposed 50th Anniversary LEGO kit of the beloved boo-based attraction earned a coveted 10,000 supporters. Unfortunately, the build was not approved for production.

A Hitchhiker´s Tale movie poster

Haunted Mansion Lego set

It’s ALIVE! Universal Monsters LEGO IDEAS proposal

However, Mr. Price-Betterly is not done as a designer of gothic horror creations nor with LEGO IDEAS. His new project turns it attention to the very creators of the horror movie genre! Universal Monsters features roughly 2250 LEGO bricks and could potentially include six iconic toy monster mini-figures.

Universal Monsters LEGO IDEAS minifigures

“In 1923, Universal Studios released the first film in what would eventually become known as the Universal Monsters brand. While there have been many versions of these classic characters over the near century since their debut, there is something that keeps many of us coming back again and again to these icons of horror.” – GoodOlPrice (aka Mason Price-Betterly)

A castle build out of Legos

This LEGO IDEAS concept pays perfect homage to Universal Studios legacy of thrilling monster movies. Those who love classic horror are sure to delight in all the deliciously dark details. Iconic scenes join catacombs, a dungeon, bell tower, and Music Room.

The inside of a castle built out of Legos

Universal Monsters LEGO IDEAS music room

Additionally, two more chilling chambers include special features. A glowing chandelier and hidden passage add intrigue to the Grand Foyer. Meanwhile, in the laboratory, the creation of new life enjoys a moving lift to help with the process.

A lab built out of Legos

Universal Monsters LEGO IDEAS lab

A three-story gothic castle, complete with cobweb covered haunting halls, ensures eerie excitement, but there’s more! 

Six spooky screen legends take on mini-figure form to inhabit this creepy cool classic monsters LEGO IDEAS set! Horror icons like Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Bride of Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, The Wolfman and Invisible Man could join this brilliant build, if approved.

Lego Universal Monsters and their names

Show your support for Universal Monsters

As with all LEGO ideas submission, success is largely based on popularity. This creepy cool castle only has about a month to stay in the running. Ultimately, the paranormal project must gather 10,000 votes to be considered for production.

Want to be able to add this to your LEGO collection? Surf on over to LEGO IDEAS, sign in (or sign up) and cast your vote. Additionally, help find more support and share this story with your friends, fiends and monsters.

Universal Monsters LEGO IDEAS back

“Please, if you are a fan of Classic Horror, Monsters, or just looking for a something different to build, hit support and share this project on your social media so that we can hit our 10k vote goal, and be sure to stay posted for updates! Thank you!” – GoodOlPrice

Source and images: LEGO IDEAS

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