If You Were Quarantined in a Disney Park, What Would You Do?

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quarantined in a disney park

During this pandemic, many of us are trying to stay home and stay healthy as best as we can. The Disney Parks around the world (from Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort in the U.S. to Disneyland Paris in Europe and Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Shanghai Disneyland in Asia) remain closed for the time being. But as we sit in quarantine, some Disney fans started to wonder: what would it be like to be quarantined in a Disney park?

If you were quarantined in a Disney park, what would you do? Would you choose to be stuck in Magic Kingdom so you could finally ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train over and over again, with nobody stopping you? Would you choose to isolate yourself in EPCOT so you could drink around the World Showcase? Would you quarantine in Disney California Adventure to take advantage of unlimited rides and games in Pixar Pier? Or would you go international and maybe check out the breathtaking beauty of Disneyland Paris or the mind-blowing awesomeness of Tokyo DisneySea, all by yourself if the parks were empty?

Seven Dwarf's Mine Train

One Disney fan recently posed the fun and interesting question in a Reddit thread, asking, “Quarantined in Disneyland WWYD?”

You’ve been quarantined in Disneyland for 2 weeks. Gates are locked, but all the doors are unlocked, the power is on, kitchens are open, but rides are inoperable, how would you spend your time?


And of course, a question like that begged for answers from Disney fans from all over. Disneyland annual passholders, frequent visitors, and every-so-often guests all chimed in to share what they would do if they were in Disneyland under quarantine. But there was a twist: all the rides would not be operating.

One Disneyland Resort fan replied creatively how they would spend their time:

I would first setup home base at the Dream Suite.

My daily morning exercise routine would consist of alternating between running laps around the park, paddles around the rivers of America, shooting hoops in the matterhorn, and speed runs through Indy.

Spend the rest of the days taking walks through each the rides.

Try to keep lunch light, with a daily happy hour at the Club 33 Bar, and rotating dinner around the different sit down restaurants.

Lastly i would take the time to train the Cats of Disneyland so they would consider me their ruler

50 years of Haunted Mansion original mansion

Another guest shared that the Bibbidi Bobbodi Boutique and the Haunted Mansion would be their destinations:

Waltz in the HM ballroom for sure:) ladies lead! Also just explore every detail of the haunted mansion so I can report back to my mom!

Bonus: give myself the sickest makeover ever at Bibbidi Boppity Boutique, I’m 21 but I still fit in xl princess dresses(I know this because an employee at BBB insisted I try on belle’s wedding dress) so I’m going all out. Glitter, little plastic extensions, cheap polyester opera gloves.

And one of our favorite responses came from someone who said they would train all the Disneyland ducks to operate rides. That way, the Disneyland guest could go on Splash Mountain:

All the time i’ve spent watching the bakers make candy apples, i’d go make myself some of those then make myself some enchiladas at Zocalos. I’d then train the ducks to operate rides and go on solash mountain. After the first two days i’d make promo ads like they did back in the day but with thr cast of all cats and ducks. When myvtwo weeks are up, there is a new prince, a new king, a better king. Duck…

Disneyland Splash Mountain
Credit: Disney

Sounds like a zip-a-dee-doo-dah time to us!

So tell us: if you were quarantined in a Disney park, what would YOU do? Let us know in the comments!

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