No, Disney World Isn’t Giving Away Free Vacations – It’s a Scam!

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disney world scam

If you’ve been scrolling through Facebook this week, you’re likely seen a viral post that seems as though it’s from an official Walt Disney World Resort account. The post — which claims Disney is giving away free vacations to the Most Magical Place on Earth — actually isn’t real at all. It’s a total scam. Here’s why.

Upon first glance at the post (screenshotted below, thanks to Snopes) you might think it looks like it was posted on an official Disney World Facebook page. But a longtime Disney fan and follower would quickly realize that the page is called “DisneyWorld” — a total fake, considering the official name of the resort is Walt Disney World. On all official Disney World accounts, you would never see the name written as “DisneyWorld.” There’s the first red flag of this Facebook scam.

disney world scam

The fake post reads, “We here at Disney World are giving EVERYONE who shares and comments 1 box containing a Disney World Holiday for 5 to celebrate our 78th Birthday! Once you have shared and liked our page simply comment that you have completed and we will send your box within the next 24 hours! .

Another red flag to let you know the post is a fake? Walt Disney World is hardly close to celebrating its “78th birthday.” Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971, and it will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year in 2021.

And if those weren’t dead giveaways that this post was a scam, remember this: there is only one official Walt Disney World Facebook page, and it’s verified. If you are ever entering an official Disney giveaway, it will be shared via one of Disney’s verified social media accounts, which are marked with a blue checkmark, as you can see below.

dinsey world page

More than likely, the people behind this page simply wanted to gain Facebook followers.

But don’t worry if you were tagged in this fake giveaway or if one of your Facebook friends shared it with you. The dubious post has since been taken down. So no magical vacations will be sent in the mail via a “Disney World Holiday Box.”

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