Comments for No, Disney World Isn’t Giving Away Free Vacations – It’s a Scam!

disney world scam


  1. Harley

    Most people w any intellegence would know wdw is 50 not 78 its also simple math! For the love of God anything else?

  2. Mark

    Its an early april fools joks up there w the parks reopening that or disney is just as foolish as the presidents wishful thinking but he even said after easter… so no only disney now! Everyone of their country wide parks is in a quarantine lock zone and their state side parks are in mandatory stay at home zones which includes stay at home 24hr on wkend! Disney would be foolish to reopen in that! They are telling us we might be fined or arrested if we go out for anything non essential while the parks reopening is fun and all its not as essential as getting rid of this thing so we could have fun while being safe!

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