How Long Will The Disney Parks Be Closed? 4 Things That Could Help The Gates Reopen Faster

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Mickey Mouse Parade at Disney World

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With the CDC advising people to avoid gatherings of 50+ for the next eight weeks, Disney Parks’ original anticipate of April 1 seems unlikely. Numerous stores and restaurants at Disney World’s Disney Springs and Disneyland’s Downtown Disney, including Sephora and Splitsville Luxury Lanes, have also been shuttered for a minimum of 6-12 weeks.

If Disney theme parks around the world stay closed longer than they were initially expected, it won’t be delightful to fans. Safety first, though, everyone! There are, however, steps the Disney Parks team may be able to take to get Park gates around the world open more quickly. 

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AlthoDisney has confirmed none of these measures are listed belowsney. They are all viable protocols that Park officials could implement to get Guests back in all six Disney Parks faster. In addition to improving the morale of Disney fans worldwide, opening the theme parks as soon as possible improves The Walt Disney Corporation’s bottom line for 2020, so it’s in the company’s best interest. 

1. Add more virtual queues – In the latest Disneyland app update, a new “My Queues” section appeared. While this will likely accommodate upcoming attractions at California Adventure’s Avengers Campus, adding more virtual queues across all Disney theme parks would reduce line overcrowding and encourage social distancing. 

2. Eliminate quick service queues – Instead of allowing Guests to line up at quick service restaurants and counter service kiosks, Disney Parks executives could opt to only allow Mobile Orders for the time being. Since many quick service establishments at Walt Disney World and Disneyland already allow Mobile Ordering, this would be a relatively easy change.

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3. Add more hand washing stations and hand sanitizers – As two of our writers discovered last week, both Disney World and Disneyland Resort muchmple hand sanitizer and hand washing stations available. Adding more of these would be a wise way to reduce the spread of germs and other ailments. 

4. Only offer non-face character interactions – Face characters, including the Disney Princesses, are at higher risk of contracting coronaviruses. Thurs“furs” characters, such as Mickey & Friends and Lilo & Stitch. Suppose Disney got rid of face character meet and greets and offered limited masked character interactions for the time. In that case, beiGuestsests could return to all six Disney Parks more quickly. 

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What are your thoughts about when Disneyland, WDW, and the go Disney Parksarks should reopen? Tell us in the comments!

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