Comments for How Long Will the Disney Parks Be Closed? 4 Things That Could Help the Gates Reopen Faster

Mickey Mouse Parade at Disney World

Credit: Rain Blanken


  1. Harley

    Sorry but no to #1 yes to the rest #1 = failure and high complaints bc no one can get on those rides unless virtual queued its ok if new ride but its not fair for the rest… virtual queues also fail bc the app fails a whole lot more than the parks let out! Just getting fps are a pain sometimes! Yes i know it works for many but others have problems w the sites and rather just go into the parks to enjoy the parks not you can not go bc of a virtual queue! It also screws up gac and many use that! I think we should stay positive it will open back to normal and we will see each other real soon!

    1. Do whatever it takes to open faster!

      1. Mark

        No virtual queues thats as bad as keeping the park closed so just do it! I wish they come back up and be like welcome and no werid waiting systems no nothing just magic! Last thing anyone wants is a guest to cm fight and a few i thought were going to break out over rise the last time i was at dhs! You do not know how often dhs cast is blamed instead of wdw for those stupid rules its ashame!

    2. Krystle

      This is Complete selfishness and insanity Disney needs to comply and stay closed until this is completely over!! If schools have to stay closed so should Disney peoples lives are more important than any theme park on earth even the most magical place in earth but how can it be the most magical place on earth if it’s risking spreading this virus when it can remain closed until this is all over!!! Grow up people Mickey and Friends will be there when all this is over and it’s safe otherwise no one will be there to enjoy Disney!!!!

      1. Harley

        None of us were saying opening disney isnt foolish we were commenting on the article thats what these comment spots are for jic you forgot… rude!
        Like i said above i said we are getting carried away remain positive be back open soon not tomorrow even mark isnt saying tomorrow… chill okay!
        Ps. Itm Can the neato popup go away its blocking posts and it will not X out!?

      2. teresa

        you realize that these are opinions not protocols that disney is expecting to follow .. they will reopen when the Cdc says they can and not before

  2. Rebel Orange Bird

    NO! Just reopen when your ready no regulations! Just stop have patience and things will be normal but it takes time like everything w life! But please no virtual queue i wish they stop that after all this just to let us enjoy the rides would bring a lot back in loss revenue if people knew they could just come in N enjoy their day!

  3. Kristin Winter

    That’s a great idea!! Do whatever it takes to open faster!!

  4. Kristin Winter

    Yes!! Do whatever it takes to open faster!

  5. Yes!! whatever it takes to open faster!

  6. Jason K

    Agreed, The more seriously citizens take the issue, The better chances of reopening sooner.

  7. Rich P

    As soon as the media starts leading with “80% of people who get the virus will be just fine” instead of burying it at the bottom of its stories, it will get things back to normal quicker instead of stimulating panic. Look at the number of deaths each year from the flu even though we have a vaccine (which is always the wrong strain).

    1. Rebel orange bird

      Wouldnt be suprised this isnt a flu strain thats unknown! We figured by math between last yr just in states plus swine flu thats close to 400k people w just the flu forget cancer heart attacks and other things! Whats the world going to do stop for the common cold next guess whst we all get that its bad sometimes and no vax for that either! I wish more survivors would be on the news some places are almost coming around this give the rest of us in it as you said hope vs this end of world feeling! Besides half the people on this comment pg forgot their disney happy pills and are fighting instead of having concern for each other! Telling people to not have faith bc they do not! Tragic stuff is suppose to bring the support out in people not the hate! I hope you get through this time and stay safe!

    2. Harley

      Exactly lets social distance ourselves from attacking each others opinions esp bc we do not each others situations and stay positive! I agree positive #s would help but real world that would make people think its ok again! If it makes you feel any better family had this before it got named one member has very bad immune system and they survived! My kid had it worse scared he would stop breathing so i barely slept! Its really scary but nothing to act like panic!

      1. Mark

        Just used math skills and while its still a concern bc of how many cases there are deaths overall via cdc #s is 7,055 yes while this could go up just look at it from a math prospective millions of people in world and only that total dead its sad for sure but a silver lining too for those that need it!

    3. Laura

      just stop. your attitude is part of the problem. enough people still aren’t taking this seriously and staying home, so no, do not feed into those people’s need to be out in crowds by saying they will be fine if they get it. EVERYONE needs to stay home until this is passed to limit the spread. doesn’t matter if you get it and will be “fine” or not, you can still be spreading it for days on end.

      1. Harleyrl

        Yes but it WILL BE FINE eventually having positivity is a good thing! Would rather here we are all doomed and going to die?? NO! How about you stop!!

  8. Janie

    Heard from my military friend the cdc is recommending lockdown of the whole usa! This will include curfews by 7pm! This will extend out for 2 months so wdw is not opening anytime soon! Sorry to break it to ya!

  9. As a travel agent that books alot of Disney Vacations.. i say do everything it take… BUT.. as a gramma i say.. don’t rush to make a buck.. Safety must ALWAYS come first.. Disney will do EVERYTHING in their power to make sure everyone is safe when they do open those Magical Gates until then.. revisit old photos, watch some of the Disney classics.. and start planning for that next magical visit..

  10. Janet B

    I saw definite no to mobile orders only. I have food allergies and NEED to speak to people to make sure the food is safe for me.

  11. Bradley D Monroe

    Anything could work until the outbreak is over.

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      How about keeping the parks closed! Wdw after all this time will not not open completely i am sorry they know people are waiting and not wanting to have any hold backs!

  12. Jennifer Smissen

    I have been alive time does the fan had premium passes took my son when he was small and when he was a teenager but it will never be able to go back to the same and I think there will always be a risk and people always get sick so I don’t think Disney’s going to be able to pack in the people the way they have in all these years and up the prices the way they’ve had because the risk is too great. No I don’t think it’s about a reopening I think life has changed as we know it.

  13. Hugh Sandgathe

    I think physical contact restriction for meet and greets would be fair enough but the lack of characters (at least face characters) would prompt me to cancel my trip in June and set it for December at this time.

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