Walmart 2020 Super Bowl commercial features futuristic “famous visitors”

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Walmart ad features famous visitors (cover)

Last year, during the Golden Globe awards, Walmart announced its store pick up service with a host of pop culture vehicles. It seems that they’ve upped their game, with a new 2020 Super Bowl commercial.

During the full ninety-second Super Bowl commercial, numerous sci-fi icons make appearances during the commercial. Disney and Universal fans are sure to recognize many of the cameos.

2020 Super Bowl commercial Buzz

First, it was amazing vehicles like the Ecto-1, DeLorean time machine and even Cinderella’s pumpkin powered carriage. The entertaining ad also featured Gary Neuman’s 1979 hit song, Cars. This year the retail giant turns to the science fiction genre to tout its store pick up service.

Cinderella and her carriage

2020 Super Bowl commercial DeLoreon

Opening with a flyover by the famous USS ENTERPRISE (Star Trek), several sci-fi and sci-fi inspired visitors appear to take advantage of the convenient service.

2020 Super Bowl commercial Enterprise

Walmart 2020 Super Bowl commercial also spotlights theme park favorites

Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) delights Disney fans. Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot grabs some organic produce as well. Even Star Wars’ famous ‘droids R2-D2 and C-3P0 make an appearance, though they seem to be lost again (of note, their order includes and I-Robot).

2020 Super Bowl commercial Groot

buzzlight year

Not to be outdone, the Universal theme park camp enjoys a highly caffeinated Men in Black moment. Though sadly retired from Halloween Horror Nights, an infamous time-traveling phone booth delivers two versions of Bill (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) to retrieve Doritos and Bud Light.

2020 Super Bowl commercia Men in Black

2020 Super Bowl commercia Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures

More  famous visitors

LEGO Movie fans find a familiar face or two retrieving an oversized order. Other stellar appearances include Marvin the Martian, a police Spinner from Blade Runner and a few Martians from Mars Attacks. Movie star Sam Jones returns to his heroic role as the of Flash Gordon, too!

2020 Super Bowl commercial Spinner

2020 Super Bowl commercia

Wal-Mart seems to knock it out of the galaxy with sequel-like surprise. The big-box retailer even takes a tongue in cheek approach with phrases like, “Free pick-up on everything for your journey” and “Out of this world convenience.”

2020 Super Bowl commercial Droids

Super Bowl LIV airs on FOX, Sunday, February 2nd. The San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Hard Rock Stadium. Coverage of the big game commences on FOX networks at 6:30 PM EST

How many futuristic franchises did you spot in this creative Walmart Super Bowl Commercial?

A scene from Walmart 2020 Super Bowl Ad

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