Toy Story 4 set to arrive on Disney+

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Toy Story 4

Credit: Disney

One of the many promises of Disney+ was that fans would be able to get new releases much sooner than they have been able to in the past. While we are yet to see this truly take hold, the reveal of when Toy Story 4 arrives on Disney+ is a step in the right direction.

The good news is that we don’t have long to wait to see Woody, Buzz and the gang on Disney+ for their most recent outing, Toy Story 4 arrives on Disney+ on Wednesday, February 5th.

Woody and Bo Peep
Credit: Disney/Pixar

The timeframe between Toy Story 4 arriving on Disney+ and releasing to cinemas is still 226 days, quite a long time for fans to have to wait for paying for a premium Disney service. However, Toy Story fans have something else to look forward to before February 5th.

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Pixar’s Lamp Life arrives on Disney+ on January 31st and will explain exactly why Bo Peep was missing from Toy Story 3. I’m actually far more excited about this and am super interested in hearing the story behind it, maybe she lost her sheep?

Lamp Life poster
Credit: Disney/Pixar

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Disney close the gap between cinematic release and the movie releasing onto Disney+ in the future. With the cost of seeing a film (especially in IMAX) raising on a yearly basis and many young families finding it difficult to hit the theatres, it makes a lot of sense to give people the option of watching recent releases in another format. In addition to this, airlines such as Virgin Atlantic were playing Toy Story 4 back in October so it’s not as if Disney couldn’t make it available earlier on Disney+!

Of course, the other thing that blocked an earlier release onto Disney+ was the pre-existing Netlfix arrangement. Expect to see movies hit the service much faster once all pre-existing contracts have run their course.

Personally, I was so busy last year that I haven’t even had the time to see Toy Story 4 yet so I’m eagerly awaiting the release onto Disney+!

Are you looking forward to seeing Toy Story 4 on Disney+ on February 5th? Let us know in the comments below!

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