Why We Should Be Excited for Disney/Pixar’s “Onward.”

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Credit: Disney/Pixar

As we get closer and closer to the release of Disney/Pixar’s latest movie, “Onward,” there are a lot of reasons to be excited about this brotherly adventure epic. We’ve gone ahead to list our three biggest reasons below.

1. It’s an Original Story!

Disney fans, we have not had an original movie since “Coco” was released in 2017! Yes, you read that right. We have spent the past TWO YEARS focused on Marvel, “Star Wars,” sequels, and remakes. Sure, those movies have been visually spectacular and boast impactful stories in their own rights. But, it’s time to get back to original Disney storytelling. Which brings us to point #2.

2. It’s a Classic Disney Story

Credit: Disney

From what we’ve learned up to and during the 2019 D23 Expo, “Onward” will be a coming of age story–what your high school English teachers referred to as a bildungsroman–in which two young characters go on a quest of discovery. In this case, brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot will attempt to find and use real magic–thought lost from their world for ages–to bring their dead dad back to life for one more day. All of this takes off, by the way, on Ian’s 16th birthday.

Quests, bildungsroman, dead parent… Yup. This is definitely a classic Disney story! And when we look at the cast chosen, it’s clear “Onward” is going to be a complete emotional roller coaster that has us laughing until we cry one moment, and then actually ugly crying the next. But speaking of the cast, onto point #3.

3. Chris Pratt & Tom Holland 

Credit: Disney-Pixar / Getty Images

Need we say more? Pixar is giving us a buddy picture with Star Lord and Spider-Man. On top of that, their mother is being played by the lovable and hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Pratt and Holland already have a strong brotherly relationship built from their Marvel tenure, and Louis-Dreyfus has fit right in as their mother. This level of chemistry between these three actors is bound to create some unforgettable moments between these three characters. Plus, with Spider-Man most likely out of the MCU, this could be the last we see of Tom Holland for a while; let alone have anything close to a Star Lord/Spider-Man spinoff.

Credit: Disney/Pixar

Again, these are just three of the plethora of reasons why we should all be super excited to see this latest computer animation masterpiece come to life on the silver screen, including Barley’s epic old school van. But what do you think?

What about this movie are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments, and catch Disney/Pixar’s “Onward” in theaters March 6, 2020.


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