Comments for Why I’m Excited for Pixar’s “Onward” & You Should be Too!

Onward Ian, Barley and Mom


  1. Nachtwulf

    Daggumit. That’s a pegasus, not a unicorn!! Do I see a horn on it? NO!

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Yep, obviously a Pegasus. Thank you for pointing out so I could correct the article.

      1. Nachtwulf

        It’s fine, heh. I’m just still irritated over that lady trying to sue Disney over having ‘a vaguely horselike creature spraypainted on a van’ that’s all.

  2. Thomas

    You had me at Original Story!

  3. Carla Mendez

    I think they should bring star vs the forces of evil to the big screen with a duration of at least two hours to cheer up the starco fans

  4. Melendi Marruco

    Please return to svtfoe so you have a better ending without being rushed. We just ask and we want that to die in peace, we want to know what happens in this new world

  5. Marina Torres

    I want this svtfoe back with a fifth season or movie please

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