Disney’s latest live-action challenge could be remaking “Peter Pan”

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Peter Pan

Credit: Disney

Think of a wonderful thought, any happy little thought…like the live-action remakes Disney still has in the works! Disney is reportedly creating a new live-action version of “Peter Pan,” so it looks like Hollywood is going back to Neverland.

Fans have been wondering why Disney keeps making sequels and remakes of their classic movies, but the truth is as long as live-action reboots continue to be successful at the box office, Disney will keep making them. This year, “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” have already been two of Disney’s many successes, and with the buzz around “The Little Mermaid” and “Mulan” coming soon, we’re not at all surprised that Disney may have a live-action “Peter Pan” in the works.

Universal Peter Pan
Credit: Universal / Columbia / Revelation

We know what you may be thinking: wasn’t there already a live-action version of “Peter Pan” almost 20 years ago? That’s right; but it wasn’t made by Disney. Back in 2003, Universal teamed up with Columbia and Revelation Studio to bring to life their own live-action version of the beloved “Peter Pan” tale, but even though it got positive reviews from critics, it was a total box office flop, earning a measly $70 million.

With the Disney label alone, we wouldn’t be surprised if an all-new live-action “Peter Pan” was a big success, especially with the amazing CGI technology Disney is capable of. But if it’s going to impress fans (especially those who are wildly enthusiastic about the 1953 animated classic that is “Peter Pan”), it should be more than just a shot-for-shot remake and instead dig deeper into the story of J.M. Barrie’s original children’s book.

Peter Pan
Credit: Disney

Disney has yet to announce that a new live-action version of “Peter Pan” is in the works, but like many fans we’re hoping to find out more about this film, other upcoming live-action remakes, and everything else The Walt Disney Company has up their sleeves at D23 Expo later this month. For now, we’ll be listening to the 1953 “Peter Pan” score and rewatching the fun 2002 sequel “Return to Neverland” (and planning our next trip to Disney so we can ride the famous Fantasyland attraction of the same name).

Which animated Disney classic do you hope will be remade into live-action next? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Avatar


    Disney knows peter pan is the villain in reality and the stories right??
    Besides how many live action pan stories are out there???

    1. Avatar


      I wish they did peter and the starcatchers that play was awesome!

      1. Avatar


        Omg…yes, yes, yes!!! The Peter and the Starcatcger series would be great even on Disney+!

  2. Avatar


    Looking forward to Peter Pan live-action. I think it’s great that they’re doing all the classics as live-action now. I mean it’s not like they’re telling us we can never watch the originals ever again. Anyways, I’m really hoping they’ll do Pocahontas next! It was my favorite growing up.

    1. Avatar


      Pocahontas was my favorite too i just wish if they were going to remake it would be more accurate and disney goes to jamestowne and does there research!

    2. Avatar

      Nicolette Rodriguez-Moody

      The tribe has told them SEVERAL times to stay away from her story, but apparently, they are doing it anyway.

      1. Avatar


        I was just in jamestown on vacation and even the volunteers are tired of the mess disney has made. In there little short movie the only time she comes up is later in the colonial story when she marries rolfe whom btw got along w the natives and story goes even her father the chief loved his son in law bc he was a settler that cared!
        Pocahontas is their princess not disney! Though thats the only story you hear of her disney sadly makes a spectical out of her when she was just a great human being whom stood up for her people!

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    I’d love an Oliver and Co. Live action reboot. It’s still my favorite! A brave little toaster would be amazing too!

  4. Avatar


    I thought that it was reported back in 2016 that David Lowery was working on this.

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