Disney World Demolishes Old Theme Park Location After Nearly a Decade of Inactivity

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Sunset Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park

Credit: Disney

Disney is calling it quits on a historic part of a Florida theme park.

A colorful roadside store adorned with vibrant signs and a dinosaur theme. A large dinosaur sculpture made of various materials stands in the foreground, while another dinosaur sculpture is on the roof. The shop is surrounded by green trees and plants.
Credit: Disney

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The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is home to an incredible array of rides and attractions, some of which have entertained and dazzled guests for decades. From EPCOT to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there’s always something for guests to explore and enjoy.

However, for many, the biggest draw of the Disney parks is not the rides or attractions but the immersion and attention to detail found within each park.

Magic Kingdom’s themed lands are a great example, with places like Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Adventureland exciting guests with their incredible atmosphere. Walt Disney Imagineering is known for providing guests with innovative and immersive locations to get lost in, ranging from small areas like Muppets Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to massive alien planets with Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Things change over time, especially at the Disney parks, with a recent change disappointing fans.

streets of america
Credit: Inside the Magic

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios was the third theme park to open in Walt Disney World. Originally titled MGM Studios, the park’s goal was to immerse guests in Hollywood and filmmaking, providing them with rides and attractions that offered a behind-the-scenes look at how movies are made.

This was best exemplified by the now-defunct Streets of America, a massive area that was themed to look like various iconic American city streets. This area was inspired by the great Hollywood backlots of California, giving guests an up-close look at how the movie industry works, complete with massive 2D facades and faux buildings.

However, this and several other attractions and locations closed permanently in 2016 to make way for one of Disney’s most significant expansions yet: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This Star Wars-themed land would eventually be built on the very ground where Disney’s Streets of America once resided.

Certain remnants of the park’s past remained visible to eagle-eyed guests, but as time passes, it’s become clear that moviemaking is no longer a focus for the theme park.

Now, one of the last remaining clues of Disney’s Streets of America is being renovated. As revealed in a post on Reddit about the Walt Disney World community, an old facade is currently being dismantled.

Old MGM facade being demolished at WDW
byu/Jayhero19 inWaltDisneyWorld

This faux building can be found near MuppetVision 3D, another historic attraction from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Another guest, FiBelleFi, shared an even more recent image on Twitter, revealing the facade had officially been taken down.

8 years later and they’re still ripping out Streets of America and breaking my heart  Was this façade really hurting anybody?

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The decision to remove this facade is quite curious, given that Disney’s Streets of America has been closed for over eight years at this point.

Many guests have worried The Muppets don’t have much longer at Disney’s Hollywood Studios either, with their premier attraction being located between Galaxy’s Edge and Star Tours, another Star Wars-themed ride.

Despite not necessarily fitting into the park’s theme, The Muppets have managed to remain open for quite a while, with Disney going as far as to renovate the theater and surrounding areas last year.

What’s your favorite spot at Walt Disney World?

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