VIDEO: Streets of America, Backlot area closure brings new park layout to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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On April 2nd we saw the last day of operation for a significant part of Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. The Streets of America and the Backlot area are now behind construction walls and the layout of the park is quite different, bringing with it a new energy and flow to the park, while leaving guests to wonder what exactly awaits them once construction is completed.




You will now find walls up and restricted access by the Writer’s Stop, by MuppetVision 3D and by Mama Melrose’s in the Muppet Courtyard. Likewise, guests will be blocked off by the area beyond Toy Story Mania in Pixar Place. The walled off areas will in the future be the location for the new Star Wars and Toy Story land.






Hollywood Studios also released a new park map reflecting the new changes and the renaming of the Muppets area to Muppets Courtyard.


By Pixar Place, the construction walls feature some concept art of the upcoming Toy Story land.





  1. Nancy

    So is Mr. Gold’s Pawnbroker still there? I want to take pics. No one has responded to my questions on these articles yet 🙁

    1. Surya Fernandez

      It is no longer accessible anymore, Nancy. Streets of America is completely closed off now.

    2. Lexie

      it’s part of the Streets of America, so no.

  2. yanais

    so when will all of this be done??

    1. A1anne

      Not before 2021.

  3. jk

    But what about the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights? My 2nd favourite (after main st USA) st in the whole world has closed!!! If anyone feels like lobbying Disney to find the lights a new home, I will join you!

    1. A.B.

      This past year was the last year for the lights. You won’t be seeing them again.

  4. Jody

    The Muppets Courtyard? Interesting… hopefully this means Disney will finally show this beloved franchise more love and give it more exposure in the park. How about making the old Pizza Planet a Swedish Chef restaurant with him (animatronic) in the restaurant cooking etc


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