Model “Body Shamed” Over Curves at Disneyland, Goes Viral After Causing Scene in Theme Park

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Two images feature a woman at a Disney theme park. In the first image, she is leaning against a railing and looking back at the camera with the park's castle in the background. In the second image, she stands confidently with her hands on her hips, wearing a black top and tan pants, embodying self-assurance despite any societal pressures of body shame.

Credit: @graciebon on Instagram.

An influencer lashes out at critics after being “body-shamed” at Disneyland.

Two photos of a woman in a crowded public place, possibly Disney. She has long dark hair, wears a tight black top and beige pants, and is posing. One photo has her standing in profile, the other leaning on a railing with a red headband featuring black mouse ears.
Credit: @graciebon on Instagram.

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Gracie Bon, a Panamanian model, says she was body-shamed during a recent trip to the Disneyland Paris Resort in France. The model is famous for her exceptionally curvy proportions, garnering a massive following on places like Instagram and OnlyFans.

Bon recently filmed herself visiting the Disneyland Paris Resort, capturing a wide range of reactions and criticism from guests regarding her body. The 27-year-old claims her “day was ruined” by guests, saying people would not stop staring at her and her unique body.

The Disney theme parks have a long list of rules and regulations guests must follow in order to be let in and enjoy their day. Over the last several years, Disney’s dress code has been heavily debated, with guests pushing the boundaries of what can and should be allowed inside places like Walt Disney World and Disneyland.
Most guests manage to abide by Disney’s rules, but some still slip through the cracks, going viral on places like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for their revealing and suggestive outfits.
Other guests have gone viral online for their inappropriate and offensive attire, though Disney has made it very clear what is and isn’t allowed inside the parks.
However, Bon’s trouble stems from her actual body, which she claims she was made fun of for despite her “simply existing” and living with what God “literally gave” her.
Two photos are side-by-side. The left image shows a person with long hair from the back, wearing a black top and beige pants, holding onto a ride. The right image captures the same person from the front, smiling with Mickey Mouse ears, black top, and beige pants—embracing Disney joy without any body shame.
Credit: @graciebon on Instagram.
The video was uploaded to Bon’s personal Instagram account and shows several groups of guests pointing, laughing, and taking pictures of Bon as she attempts to spend the day having fun with her family at Disneyland Park in Paris.

“The worst part is that they teach their kids to do the same,” says Bon, who claimed body shaming ruined her day. “They kept taking photos of me, they gave me bad looks all the time of just kept laughing at me.”

Bon said she would never talk negatively about another person’s appearance and encourages body positivity.

“At the end of the day, I just wanted to have fun like everyone else. If you don’t like something, stop hating and keep it to yourself.”


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The Instagram video went viral, gaining over 100k likes and nearly 8k comments. The original video was reshared across social media and went viral on Twitter as well.

“LMFAOOOOO look at everyones reactions dawg,” reads the caption to the video. The backlash and criticism of Bon’s body was continued on the site, with Twitter user @papiraqi1 saying, “Bruh this is egregious.”

Twitter user @TheDejaKind said “She really enjoys the attention, good or bad, and is trolling in this video.” Another user, @FadeAwzy, claimed the model wanted to make a scene, saying, “She wanted that attention, 100%.”

A woman with long, wavy brown hair is posing outdoors at night in two side-by-side images. She is wearing a white, sleeveless, midriff-baring outfit. The background features a street with bright, colorful lights and people walking around, reminiscent of a scene from a Disney movie.
Credit: @graciebon on Instagram.

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Bon has faced constant backlash and criticism over her body, with many claiming she received a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in order to achieve her curvy physique. Bon has never confirmed nor denied these accusations but says she has never had any plastic surgery done to her face, at the very least.

Bon is far from the first internet model to make a scene and go viral at the Disney theme parks. An OnlyFans creator got caught making an explicit video while visiting Disneyland.

Last summer, an adult film star forced a Disney World ride, Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, to close after getting caught making content on the ride. The star later claimed the ban from Walt Disney World Resort was worth it.

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