Fire Strikes Iconic Theme Park: Area Destroyed, Update Given


A group of people are enjoying a ride on a green dragon-themed roller coaster at the theme park. They have their hands up and are smiling and laughing. The coaster is surrounded by lush green trees and foliage, suggesting a lively and fun atmosphere at the amusement park.


A fire hit LEGOLAND yesterday, leaving several sections of one land in ruins.

Theme parks and their attractions are built to strict safety codes to ensure the well-being of guests and employees alike, but things can (and do) still go awry sometimes.

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In the past few months, Inside the Magic has reported on everything from a bicycle collision with a bus at Hong Kong Disneyland and a tram crash that left several guests injured at Universal Studios Hollywood in April to a fire that burned its way through a water park in Sweden.

Yesterday (May 29), another incident occurred that wrecked a huge portion of a theme park land – although, fortunately, nobody was injured.

The entrance to Legoland Billund features colorful, LEGO-themed structures with gears and a large sign. A crowd of people, including families and children, are walking towards the theme park entrance. Two Danish flags are seen flying above in the partly cloudy sky.

According to local news outlets, a fire broke out at LEGOLAND Billund Resort at 4 a.m. due to a short circuit in the Miniland area.

While the fire was quickly extinguished, it caused severe damage throughout Miniland, the area of the park featuring LEGO recreations of iconic buildings made of millions of plastic bricks. Losses include several building replicas and a small-scale version of a Danish port.

Images shared on Reddit show the extent of the damage, with an entire bank of the land’s “river” left totally charred.

Part of the miniland in Legoland Denmark had a fire yesterday. Rest in pieces
byu/Charming-Help-2119 inlego

As per Sky News, LEGOLAND spokesperson Kasper Tangsig claimed that video surveillance shows the fire starting in one of the electric cars that runs on rails through the land and was being charged at the time of the fire. Electrical equipment in the rest of the land will reportedly be inspected in the next few days.

LEGOLAND Billund Resort opened in 1968, making it the original LEGOLAND theme park. Located in western Denmark, it sits next to the site of the first LEGO factory and was purchased by Merlin Entertainment in 2005 alongside its sister parks dotted around the world (including Florida, California, Japan, the UK, the UAE, and Malaysia).

Characters at the entrance for LEGOLAND

This isn’t the first time an incident at LEGOLAND has made headlines. Back in 2007, a 21-year-old female employee at LEGOLAND Billund Resort was struck and killed by the park’s Xtreme Racer roller coaster after trying to retrieve a wallet lost by a guest aboard the attraction.

Also in Europe, 31 people were injured—one seriously—at LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort in August 2022 when two carriages collided on its Feuerdrache (“Fire Dragon”) roller coaster. Two significant fires have also broken out at LEGOLAND Windsor in the past.

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