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Perhaps the only thing better than experiencing the Magic of Disney World is getting to experience custom-made magic on a personal level.

Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida (near Orlando) provides visitors with plenty of opportunities for customization. From modifying a menu order at your favorite food establishment or embracing your creativity at Disney’s Test Track ride in EPCOT when designing your SIM Car, options to personalize are forever abundant at Disney World. So, to celebrate uniqueness and originality, we at Inside the Magic have compiled this list of wonderful ways that Disney World lets visitors add tailored tweaks and personalization services to specific onsite purchases.

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Let’s begin with the versatile personalization options featured at these kiosks, which you will find throughout Disney World Parks, at select Resorts, and in Disney Springs. They offer many creative opportunities, from designing cases for cellphones and other smart devices to custom-crafting MagicBands. Some of our favorite locations include the Marketplace Co-Op (D-Tech On Demand) in Disney Springs, Frontierland Trading Post at Magic Kingdom Park, Curtain Call Collectibles at Magic Kingdom Park, Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios, and Celebrity 5 & 10 Shop at Hollywood Studios.

D-Tech Kiosk
Credit: Disney

Custom Disney Shirts

Some of the aforementioned MADE BY YOU Kiosks even offer apparel personalization services, allowing for custom Disney family shirts and other clothing variations. While location offerings have changed over the years, one currently well-known venue can be found at the Marketplace Co-Cop at Disney Springs. Another Disney Springs location where you can get customized Disney shirts is Uniqlo. Their UTMe in-store design feature lets you custom-create T-shirts, bags, and other accessories.

Custom Disney Ears

From that classic Disney Mickey Mouse Ears hat you know and love to newer, fancier Mouse Ear-themed headbands, you never need wonder where to find “Mickey Mouse Ears near me” while making the rounds through Walt Disney World Resort. They’re practically found everywhere in some capacity. But those looking for opportunities to get customized Mickey Mouse Ears at Disney World take note of these well-known locations: Curtain Collectibles at Magic Kingdom Park, Box Office Gifts (inside Tony’s Town Square Theater) at Magic Kingdom Park, Fantasy Faire in Fantasyland (also Magic Kingdom Park), and World of Memories at Disney Springs. Generally, embroidery services run between $3 and $7, depending on font choices and style. Mouse Ears range in pricing across the board.

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Etched Leather Bracelets

These popular, casual wardrobe accessories are the height of fashion throughout Disney World. One of their major draws is that you get to personalize your picks, choosing from available bracelet designs and then getting to decide on your text font and messages to be etched in. Some places you can get customized leather bracelets include Frontierland and Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park, the Canada Pavilion in EPCOT, and multiple locations throughout Animal Kingdom Park.

Personalized Leather Bracelets
Credit: Disney Dining

Engraved Rings

Not to be outdone, engraved rings have also become a big deal at Disney World. Options range in pricing based on your selected ring’s medium, with brass engraving services typically starting around $12 to $14 and gold sometimes going as high as $250. The two best-known locations offering personalized ring engraving include Frontierland and Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park, the Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT, and certain jewelry retailers throughout Disney Springs.

Personalized Pearl Jewelry

Do you know about the two places at Disney World that let you pick a pearl from an actual oyster and then have your pearl crafted into a customized piece of jewelry? A long-time favorite is Akoya Pearls, which can be found inside the Japan Pavilion’s Mitsukoshi department store. Another location is the Pearl Factory kiosk at Disney Springs Marketplace.

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LEGO Minifigures

The LEGO Store at Disney Springs is a marvel to explore, even for those who aren’t LEGO fans, per se. But if you are, it’s worth noting that this store features an in-house create-your-own LEGO Minifigure Factory, which allows you to custom-create your own LEGO character by mixing and matching parts from a seemingly endless array of options.

Minifigure Factory
Credit: LEGO

Build-A-Dino Plush Pals

If you’re a dinosaur fan who loves Build-A-Bear Workshops, then Disney Springs has your ultimate experience at T-REX Restaurant. The adjoining store, which can be accessed even by those not dining there, boasts a family-friendly, fun opportunity to custom-make plush dinosaur pals.

Customizable M&M’s

Another awesome retail location at Disney Springs is the M&M’s Store. As a mega shop, they offer a vast abundance of M&M’s-related products, merchandise, and exclusive candy flavors you won’t find anywhere else. But one of the most unique experiences here comes with being able to customize your own candies with personalized messages, writing, and even uploaded photo images if you so choose!

Personalized M&M's
Credit: M&M’s Store

Kernel Kitchen Crafted Creations

Did you know you can create custom candy/popcorn treats in-house at Main Street Confectionery? On location at Main Street, U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom Park, this ultimate sweet shop features a wonderful customizable counter known as the Kernel Kitchen. Here, you can craft your own specific popcorn mix, choosing from four available popcorn flavors, toppings (syrups and sauces), and candy mix-ins.

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Personalized Parasols

Along with those caricature kiosks, which are also obviously customizable per each posing subject, are those personalized parasol carts you will find at such locations as Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom Park and onsite of the France Pavilion in EPCOT. Here, you can choose from various colors, sizes, available graphic designs, personalized hand-painted messages, and additional images.

Personalized Parasols
Credit: Disney Dining

Etched Glassware

Many overlook that there are options to purchase fine crystal and glass works onsite at Walt Disney World Resort. Two well-known Arribas Brothers locations are at Disney Springs and in Magic Kingdom Park (where it is known as Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers). There’s also Glaskunst in the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT. All of the above venues offer personalization services, in which you may opt for specific etchings to drinkware like wine glasses, flutes, steins, tumblers, and more. Additional customization may be applied to dishes, picture frames, and more.

Disney Custom Lightsabers and Droids

Star Wars fans note the varying options where you get to personalize lightsabers and/or droids at Disney World. First, there’s Tatooine Traders at Hollywood Studios—which offers visitors both Disney custom lightsaber and Droid options. Then, there’s the highly exclusive Savi’s Workshop experience at Black Sapphire Outpost—a dream for true lightsaber fans looking for an all-inclusive, esoteric folly. Not to be overlooked is the impressive Droid Depot Shop, also housed within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios.

Customizable options for Lightsabers and Droids

Personalized Ornaments

Perhaps second only to custom Mickey Mouse Ears, the option to have ornaments personalized at Disney World is one of the most popular options for Guests. Interestingly, these endeavors remain in season all year round and aren’t exclusive to the Christmas holiday. You can choose from a vast array of ornaments and other décor to have customized on location at two renowned Disney World destinations vending in such. One place to check out is Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom Park. The other option is Days of Christmas at Disney Springs.

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What are some of your favorite personalization options available at Walt Disney World Resort currently? Let us know in the comments.

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