“Don’t Let Me Down”: ‘Let It Be’ Arrives on Disney+

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Promotional banner for The Beatles' "Let It Be" featuring individual close-up portraits of the four band members against a white background, with the album title prominently displayed in the center.

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The Beatles are getting back to where they once belonged, as Disney has resurrected one of the Fab Four’s final appearances for a new generation on its magical streaming service.  After years of lying dormant, John, Paul, George, and Ringo return to take viewers on another trip, “Across the Universe.”

While this isn’t the first time Disney has brought The Beatles back to life, it is the first time the studio has resurrected one of the band’s original films. While not as comic as A Hard Day’s Night (1964) or as psychedelic as Yellow Submarine (1968), Let It Be (1970) was a revealing and intimate look at how the band functioned in the studio leading up to the iconic Rooftop Concert.

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In the film, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are captured in a fly-on-the-wall documentary that portrays them in their natural habitat. In preparation for their last concert, the band composes, collaborates, and collides before giving their final performance on the roof of Apple Studios.

Let It Be: The Beatles Jam on Disney+

The Beatles in 'Get Back'
Credit: Inside the Magic

Originally released in 1970, the film has essentially been hidden away for 50 years, and Disney has brought the iconic studio documentary out of the vaults with this new restoration. The official description from Disney shows just how much love and care went into bringing the project to its full glory.

“Available for the first time in over 50 years, ‘Let It Be’ is Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original 1970 film about The Beatles. First released in May 1970 amidst the swirl of The Beatles’ breakup, ‘Let It Be’ now takes its rightful place in the band’s history. Once viewed through a darker lens, the film is now brought to light through its restoration and the context of revelations brought forth in Peter Jackson’s multiple Emmy Award-winning docuseries, ‘The Beatles: Get Back.’ Released on Disney+ in 2021, the docuseries showcases the iconic foursome’s warmth and camaraderie capturing a pivotal moment in music history.”

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That’s quite a tall description, but it does feel like the film’s arrival onto Disney+ was a long time coming. Given what Peter Jackson showed fans through his Get Back series, the bittersweet flavor the film initially offered at its first release is restructured as simply The Beatles doing what they do best.

Can Ya Dig It?

The Beatles sitting on a car for a photo
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With Get Back, If These Walls Could Sing, and the Now and Then featurette, Disney has been a haven for the Fab Four for a long while. Given the love the House of Mouse has shown them, how long before we see even more of the band’s beloved filmography?

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The Beatles aren’t the only music legends Disney has brought onto our screens either, as Taylor Swift, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and Bono & The Edge represent the wide range of talent made more accessible thanks to concerts, documentaries, and behind the scenes features brought to life through Disney+. Let It Be is simply the next big step for the House of Mouse, and the newly restored feature will take viewers back to a turning point in music history.

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