The Jonas Brothers Caught in Concert Scandal, Fans Scammed Per Report

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Promotional photo of The Jonas Brothers for their tour.

Credit: The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers have found themselves at the center of quite a scandal.

Credit: Disney Channel

The Jonas Brothers is a musical group that most likely needs no introduction. Comprised of brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick, The Jonas Brothers have sung their hearts out, as well as acted in various projects for over a decade. Fans will remember the trio starring in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock franchise as well as Jonas (2009-2010).

Unfortunately, the three brothers have now found themselves at the center of controversy, with some claiming they scammed some of their most loyal fans.

Jonas Brothers Performing
Credit: ABC

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As we stated, The Jonas Brothers got their start thanks in large part to The Walt Disney Company. Whether it was television, movies, or their own music videos, teenagers living in the early 2000s found it nearly impossible to avoid the stunning boyband. The Jonas Brothers, like all boybands, were adored by their fans, most of whom were young girls. From the hair and clothes to their incredible singing voices, The Jonas Brothers quickly grew a major fanbase.

Like everything, all good things must come to an end, with the group going on indefinite hiatus in 2013. While they were still family, fans had no idea when or if they’d ever get to see the three brothers together on stage for quite some time. However, this all changed in 2019 when the group made a surprise turn with a hit single and a brand-new album on the way.

The Jonas Brothers immediately found themselves back at the forefront of the pop scene, being met with even more success than what they had experienced prior to their breakout. Since then, the group has released multiple albums and several hit singles, playing dozens upon dozens of shows to millions of fans around the world. However, a storm of controversy is brewing regarding the handling of a canceled show.

Priyanka Chopra, left, and Nick Jonas arrive at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, in Los Angeles.
Credit: ABC

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According to an exclusive report from TheDisInsiderThe Jonas Brothers have found themselves at the center of a scandal in regards to a show they were set to perform. The Jonas Brothers embarked on a tour in early 2021 with their “Remember This Tour.” This tour was quite expansive, featuring a total of 52 shows, with the first one being held in Las Vegas. The tour concluded in September of 2022 in Monterrey, Mexico.

Around this time, a show was also announced for Guadalajara. However, less than two weeks before the show was set to take place, the concert promoter company (Zamora Live) and the Jonas Brothers issued a statement to fans informing them that the concert would be rescheduled to November 5th. The reason for the scheduling issue was reportedly due to bad weather.

Fans were promised that the tickets purchased for the original August show would be valid for the new date. The other two shows in Mexico took place without any delays. Tickets ranged from $135-$300 USD before any extra fees were added by the seller, La Tequilla MX.

Joe Jonas pictured with soon-to-be ex-wife Sophie Turner fully clothed and embracing one another in a swimming pool
Credit: Joe Jonas

Unfortunately, with only a month until the show at Guadalajara, the promoter sent out a different statement informing fans that the show was to be rescheduled yet again due to “various unforeseen situations in the international production.”

Fans were once again reassured that their tickets would be valid for this new show. However, no specific date was given for the new show. Because the show was postponed rather than canceled, “La Taquilla MX” did not offer refunds immediately. Fans were eventually given a way to acquire a refund, but “La Taquilla MX” made things quite hard.

Only a small amount of fans have received a refund, with the 10% commission fee not being accounted for, meaning that fans still ended up paying “La Taquilla MX” for a show that did not happen.

To make matters worse, the group has yet to openly discuss or address this situation, leaving many fans disappointed. It’s important to note that no dates were announced for Mexico on The Jonas Brothers’ current tour.

Have you been enjoying The Jonas Brothers’ new music? Are you a big fan?

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