Report: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Episodes Leak Online

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Millie Bobby Brown screaming as Eleven in 'Stranger Things'

Credit: Netflix

By the time Stranger Things Season 5 finally premieres on Netflix, Hawkins will have been consumed by the Upside Down and the new “big bad”, and there’ll be nothing left of our beloved heroes, either. Still, there’s hope yet, as the final season is officially in production.

The fifth season will mark the end of the hit sci-fi mystery horror series, which started in 2016 and has given us some of the most beloved characters to have graced the small screen: Jim Hopper (David Harbour), Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), and Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), to name a few.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) looking at the sky in 'Stranger Things' Season 4's final scene
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But aside from the fact that the fifth season will be the curtain call for the hit Netflix series, we don’t know much about it. What will happen to Hawkins now that the Upside Down has “breached” the human world? What does fate have in store for the likes of Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), and Will Byers (Noah Schnapp)? And how will they defeat Vecna (AKA One/Henry Creel)?

And what is the Thessalhydra?!

We know that Season 5 will, of course, follow on from the events of Season 4 (with an undisclosed time-jump in between), it will see the return of all the main characters, and the Duffer brothers have compared the final season to The Lord of the Rings in terms of scale and scope. But, unsurprisingly, the plot remains under tight wraps. This is, of course, a good thing — as much as we might think we want to know everything, we don’t really want to know anything.

Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) in a trance in 'Stranger Things' Season 4
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That said, some titbits have kept us going since Season 4 premiered. Last year, the Duffer brothers, Matt and Ross Duffer, shared an excerpt from the script for the first episode which they had already revealed to be titled “Chapter One: The Crawl.” It will be the first of seven episodes as the fifth season will revert to its standard eight-episode format.

Now, we may have the titles of the following five episodes in Stranger Things Season 5, as well-known Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider has revealed the details on his industry newsletter, The InSneider (shared via, which we’ve listed below:

  • “Chapter Two: The Vanishing of [Spoiler] Wheeler”
  • “Chapter Three” The Turbow Trap”
  • “Chapter Four: The Sorcerer”
  • “Chapter Five: Shock Jock”
  • “Chapter Six: Escape From Camazotz”

The report also includes “Chapter One: The Crawl.” As we know this to be accurate, it further lends to the legitimacy of this list.

Chapters seven and eight remain undisclosed; however, note that, with the exception of Chapter 1, these titles have not been verified or confirmed by the Duffer brothers or by Netflix. But, if they’re real, what could they mean?

Well, there’s no fun in trying to decipher or spoil the final season in one of the most beloved sci-fi shows of all time, even if our patience is wearing unbearably thin. But one thing’s for sure — the Chapter Two episode title has us slightly worried as it suggests the death of a major character (click here for potential spoilers).

Nancy Wheeler in in 'Stranger Things' Season 3 poster
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More From Stranger Things

Even when Stranger Things Season 5 finally arrives on Netflix, it’s not all doom and gloom.

We may never see the likes of Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Joe Keery (Steve Harrington), and David Harbour (Jim Hopper) again, but there are Stranger Things spinoffs in the works, including an animated series and a live-action series.

Meanwhile, the stage play Stranger Things: The First Shadow (2023) has been extended until December. The First Shadow acts as a prequel to the entire Netflix series, taking place in the 1950s and focusing on younger versions of well-known characters.

“Stranger Things VR” (2024) is now available on Meta Quest VR. The virtual reality game allows you to play as Vecna/Henry Creel/One (Jamie Campbell Bower reprises his role) as you torment teens throughout Hawkins and the Upside Down.

A brand-new Dark Horse Comics graphic novel titled “Stranger Things: Deliver Me From Evil” (2024), which focuses on the characters Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) and Argyle (Eduardo Franco), will be released on May 4.

Stranger Things: The First Shadow is now playing at the Phoenix Theater:

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For information on tickets and showtimes, visit the official website.

Stranger Things seasons 1 — 4 are now streaming on Netflix.

Stranger Things stars Joe Keery (Steve Harrington), Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers), David Harbour (Jim Hopper), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Bob Newby (Sean Astin), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven/Jane Hopper), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson), Paul Reiser (Dr. Sam Owens), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair), Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler), Matthew Modine (Papa/Martin Brenner), Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley), Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers), Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield), Noah Schnapp (Will Byers), and Jamie Campbell Bower (Vecna/One/Henry Creel).

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