Controversial Marvel Remake Might Actually Work

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Howard the Duck's Cameo in GotG

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April Fool’s Day had social media sites bogged down with fake posts and “news” of all kinds. However, a Marvel deep fake surrounding a remake of Howard the Duck (1986) might be grounded in reality.

(L) Lea Thompson as Beverly Switzler (R) Howard the Duck voiced by Chip Zien
Credit: Lucasfilm

To call Howard an odd duck would be putting it lightly, as the anthropomorphic waterfowl has had a niche following for years. First hitting the silver screen in the 1986 adaptation by William Huyck, Howard the Duck has always been a weird fixture in the Marvel Multiverse, but could a modern retelling actually have legs to stand on?

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An article from The Direct shared a fake movie poster for a remake of the disaster piece from the ’80s, hinting at a long-awaited retry. While an obvious April Fool’s post, Howard’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be more realistic than some might think, especially considering he already has an orange webbed foot in the door.

Is Howard the Duck Still Possible for Marvel?

Howard the Duck in What If...?
Credit: Marvel Studios

Although Howard isn’t getting his big solo outing anytime soon, the foundation for something furthering his adventures is still present. At the time of writing, the character has already had multiple appearances in the MCU, primarily cameos in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy series, an appearance in What If…?and even as one of the allies in Avengers: Endgame (2019). Howard is clearly an established Marvel entity, so to give him his own film or spinoff really wouldn’t be out of the question.

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Considering that the character has a surprisingly vocal fan following (as demonstrated here), reportedly has James Gunn’s seal of approval, and his voice actor, Seth Green, has proven on multiple occasions that his cartoonish personality is big enough to stand on its own outside the core MCU entries, it’s a wonder Howard hasn’t made a more prominent appearance. Especially given the direction Marvel’s Phase Five might take.

It’s About to Get Weird

Rocket and Groot get warped in Guardians 2
Credit: Marvel

Along with upcoming adaptations of The Fantastic 4 and Blade, Marvel is embracing alternative storylines with much stranger themes in mind. Projects like Deadpool and Wolverine (2024) and the Marvel Zombies miniseries demonstrate a clear desire to get weird with other properties from Marvel Studios, which is well within Howard the Duck’s wheelhouse.

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That said, it’s not likely going to happen without James Gunn. Considering the former Marvel darling has his hands full running the new DCEU, Howard might not be ready to take like a duck to water just yet. Even so, projects like Marvel’s Spotlight might give him his wings if interest grows. Only time will tell.

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