Shocking Disney Report Claims Characters Must Stay In Costume as Cruise Ship Sinks

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Credit: Disney Cruise Line

A shocking report has made some pretty major claims about what would happen if a Disney Cruise Line ship ran into trouble at sea.

In a recent update from Popbitch – a weekly British gossip newsletter that claims to share insider information from the entertainment at large – someone allegedly connected to the Disney Cruise Line opened up about what would happen if a cruiseliner was abandoned.

The Disney Dream sails in the ocean.
Credit: Disney

“As one of the most tightly controlled brands on the planet, Disney has some very strict protocols aboard their cruises – especially regarding emergency evacuations,” the report claimed. “For instance, if a Disney cruise is to be abandoned, any employee who is in costume at the time of the alarm sounding must stay in costume.”

Yep, that’s right – they’re claiming that costumed cast members must stay in character even during an emergency situation. “They are not permitted to remove their heads and ruin the illusion for guests, so, therefore, have to navigate the deck dressed as a giant Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, etc,” they said.

Mickey and Minnie on the Disney Cruise Line ships
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That’s not the only shocking measure they’re claiming Disney takes to maintain the integrity of its characters. If a ship is sinking, it’s apparently one cast member’s shop to go to the costume store and “firmly lock it up.” This is to ensure that, if the ship does go down, the costumes go with it.

“They don’t want to risk the empty costumes getting loose and floating up to the top – leaving children traumatized by seeing Goofy’s lifeless body bobbing about on the surface,” they said.

(Personally, we feel like escaping a sinking ship would be much more traumatizing than seeing a Goofy costume at sea, but that’s just us).

Mickey and Minnie in front of a Disney Cruise ship
Credit: Disney

While the rumor initially appeared in an issue of the Popbitch digital newsletter, it took on a life of its own after it was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by tech journalist Olivia Solon.

However, the initial post has since been deleted because – good news – Solon has verified (as has Inside the Magic) that it is totally false. Cast members do not need to stay in costume while the Disney Cruise Line sinks. We didn’t doubt otherwise for a second, but it’s good to get official clarification and sink this rumor once and for all.

Water park-like attractions are just some of the recreations and activities offered aboard
Credit: Disney

Rumors aside, the Disney Cruise Line has dropped a series of exciting bombshells recently. Earlier this week, it unveiled details on its newest ship, Disney Destiny, which will boast a heroes and villains theme when it joins the fleet in 2025.

Another new ship will set sail for the first time in December 2024. The Disney Treasure will include a restaurant inspired by Coco (2017), Plaza de Coco, a superhero dining experience named Worlds of Marvel, the history-inspired restaurant 1923 (named for the year The Walt Disney Company was founded), and a Jungle Cruise-inspired bar.

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