Disney+ Cans Tim Burton’s Passion Project

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Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Credit: Disney

Disney’s magical streaming service is home to a wide selection of entertainment options, but hardcore fans are well aware that there are some holes in Disney+’s massive library. Sure, there are plenty of classic, original, and eclectic movies and shows to watch, but nobody likes an incomplete collection—especially since it’s missing an overlooked Tim Burton masterpiece.

Tim Burton next to Jack Skellington
Credit: Inside the Magic

With titles like Beetlejuice (1988), Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands (1990), and Corpse Bride (2005) under his belt, there’s hardly a film buff out there who doesn’t know the eccentric and darkly whimsical mind of Tim Burton. One of the most prolific and enigmatic directors in pop culture, Burton cut his teeth in the industry while working at Walt Disney Pictures, and his time at the studio practically helped launch his career.

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While the director has since fallen out with Disney’s cinematic circus, the studio still features some of his best work on its streaming platform. From Frankenweenie to Dumbo, Disney has made Burton’s contributions to the studio more than a little accessible, especially around Halloween. Still, one movie seems missing, and Disney helped create it.

Disney Drops a Tim Burton Cult Classic

Johnny Depp as Ed Wood and Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi
Credit: Touchstone Pictures

While not perhaps as iconic as something like Batman or Beetlejuice, Ed Wood (1994) was an exaggerated biopic celebrating the work of filmmaker Ed Wood. Known for Plan 9 From Outerspace (1957) and other sci-fi and exploitation films, Wood’s work was undoubtedly influential toward Burton’s own unique style, and his adaptation of Wood’s creative endeavors in 1950s Hollywood was a clear love letter to both the director and the B-movie genre.

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With Johnny Depp in the lead role, and a supporting cast featuring Martin Landau, Bill Murray, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Patricia Arquette, it came with a high performance pedigree, along with a well-received script and unique premise. So what does Disney have to do with any of this?

Disney’s Dirty Laundry

Johnny Depp in Ed Wood
Credit: Touchstone Pictures

If you’ve seen the film and know anything about the life of Ed Wood, you know that it contains some pretty scandalous subject matter. A cross-dressing director, a swearing Bela Lugosi, and the creation of what some call the worst movie ever made, all packaged under an R-rating, doesn’t exactly sound like something the House of Mouse would advertise. However, Disney was responsible for its production and distribution in 1994.

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Similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas, another Disney black sheep, Ed Wood was released under Disney’s Touchstone Pictures banner and distributed through Buena Vista Pictures. While not a Disney movie in name, it was brought to the big screen. By that logic, it feels like it should be featured along with the rest of Burton’s work on the company’s streaming platform.

With the Hulu merger, Disney+ has widened its variety of content and even openly featured more mature entries in its library as well. Hopefully, Burton’s fanbase can convince the House of Mouse to complete its collection.

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