Disney and Marvel Promise at R-Rated Popcorn Bucket

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An image of Deadpool, a fictional character in a red and black costume, playfully hiding in a large pile of popcorn, looking sneakily to the side.

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It’s not every day that a popcorn bucket goes viral outside of a Disney park, but Since Dune Part Two (2024) saw the release of the bizarre and unsettlingly suggestive sandworm container, things are only going to get weirder now that Deadpool wants to be involved.

Paul in front of the Dune worm bucket
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Giving the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt, it’s safe to say that the strange and unusual reaction to the movie’s equally strange and unusual popcorn bucket was not done intentionally. However, it begs the question of what might happen if this phenomenon were recreated intentionally. Enter Deadpool and Wolverine (2024) with its own spin on the sandworm.

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Disney and Marvel Studios are probably the last entities one would normally expect to intentionally make an offensive popcorn bucket, but Marvel CEO Kevin Feige revealed that the studio “asked Deadpool to design a popcorn bucket” during yesterday’s panel at Cinemacon. A video shared by The Hollywood Reporter tells all.

Perverted Popcorn Bucket Predicted for Deadpool and Wolverine


at the #marvel #cinemacon presentation, #kevinfeige describes a new #deadpool popcorn bucket that could rival the #dune bucket

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Somewhere in the Marvel Multiverse, the Sacred Timeline trembles at the idea of what a mind like Deadpool’s could do to an intentionally rude and crude popcorn bucket. Given the Merc with the Mouth’s infamous sense of humor, chances are high that it’s going to be something that blows the rubbery ribbed sandworm from Arrakis completely out of the water.

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If the Dune bucket was a fluke, imagine what kind of chaotic energy one designed and burdened with glorious purpose could do. Moreover, given some of the designs we’ve seen from Disneyland and Walt Disney World with some of its characters, production value on this new design will not go unnoticed.

Can They Do It?

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool making a heart with the Marvel Studios logo behind him.
Credit: Inside the Magic

One thing that should also be kept in mind regarding this piece of Marvel merch is that if they follow through with the claims in the video above, this might be Disney’s first piece of merchandise that has an age requirement. With the involvement on Loki’s TVA, the comic-book-accurate visuals, and the introduction of characters like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, this is Deadpool’s triumphant entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning that he too resides under the Disney banner.

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Disney has definitely pulled some strange marketing moves in the past, just look at what they did for Pinocchio (1940), but this might go even further. The Deadpool franchise is notorious for its hard R-rated humor, and there’s no way he wouldn’t have a field day with something like the infamous Dune bucket. All we can do now is sit back and watch the chaos unfold.

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