Universal Drops Cryptic Message, Hints at Major Reveal

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The Universal domestic theme park archways with the Minecraft logo in the middle.

Credit: Inside The Magic

The Universal domestic theme parks dropped a cryptic and interesting message on their social media accounts yesterday, hinting at a possible big reveal soon. What could this mean?

The Universal Studios Florida globe on a bright, sunny day.
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Universal Drop Cryptic Reveal – Universal Parks Minecraft Attraction or Land Coming?

Yesterday afternoon, the domestic Universal theme parks dropped a cryptic message on their X, formerly Twitter, social media accounts, igniting many reactions and rumors from the fanbase. Here are the cryptic messages from Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood:

Is it us, or did the Globe turn into blocks for a sec?

Universal Orlando Resort on X, formally Twitter

Uh… what’s happening to our arch?

Universal Studios Hollywood on X, formally Twitter

As you can see from the posts above, both theme park resorts dropped an image that turned from regular to pixilated, with words like “brick” and “block” used in both theme parks’ comment sections. Within minutes, people began to comment on what these posts might mean:

One user mentioned how the image appears to be pixellating, with Universal Studios Hollywood commenting back with just the eyes emoji. Of course, the biggest rumor of this interesting secret message was the possibility that Minecraft, the sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios and initially released in 2009 that gained immense popularity, might be coming as a new land or attraction soon.


@ChrisSugar4 on X, formally Twitter

The biggest reveal was this message by Universal Orlando Resort. It had the word “craft” in it, a word not often used…hmm…

Took us a moment to craft a response, better stay tuned!

@UniversalORL on X, formally Twitter

The Universal Studios Hollywood archway entrance during the night.
Credit: Universal Studios

Minecraft Land or Attraction Coming Soon?

If the speculations and rumors are true, this could mean that a new land or attraction based on the hit game series Minecraft could be coming. Minecraft is a 3-D computer game where players can create and break apart blocks in a virtual world. Players can use blocks to build structures, craft items, gather resources, and engage in combat.

Minecraft’s player base grew by 25% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Minecraft’s revenue has generated over $3 billion in-game sales alone. In 2021, Minecraft generated over $318 million in revenue, with 41% coming from mobile revenue. In 2022, Minecraft generated $102.6 in mobile revenue. In 2023, Minecraft became the first video game to sell over 300 million copies worldwide. The video game is also making its big screen debut in 2025, with Warner Bros. heading the project.

A logo screen for the Minecraft video game.
Credit: Mojang Studios

Both theme parks are busy, with Universal in Orlando having Epic Universe and DreamWorks Land and Universal in Hollywood having the new Fast & Furious franchise-based roller coaster coming soon and the first anniversary of the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD this year.

Regarding rumors circulating about Universal Parks and Experiences, it’s wise to approach them with a healthy dose of skepticism. While speculation and hearsay can spark excitement among enthusiasts, not every rumor holds. Like many entertainment companies, Universal often keeps its future plans tightly under wraps until official announcements are made.

Until Universal confirms any developments, it’s best to take these rumors with a grain of salt and await official updates. But until then, head on over to these Universal destinations to experience things like Jurassic World, Harry Potter, and Super Mario.

Do you think a Universal Parks Minecraft attraction or land is coming soon? If so, are you excited about this addition?

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