Guest Leaves Bodily Fluids on Floor Because Disney Wouldn’t Offer Refund

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A look at Future World including Spaceship Earth from the entrance to World Showcase

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A Walt Disney World Resort guest threw a tantrum and left vomit on the floor after a Disney cast member refused to give her a refund. She blamed the Disney park for not protecting her child, who became violently ill on Mission: SPACE.

Mission: SPACE competes with Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind for the most intense, vomit-inducing ride at EPCOT and throughout Walt Disney World Resort. Both World Discovery attractions often send guests running to trash cans or reaching for paper bags and feature multiple warning signs before boarding.

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There’s something different about Mission: SPACE, though. Potentially queasy guests can select the “green” version of the ride, while thrillseekers can go with “orange.” Compared to the “family-friendly” green mission, the orange mission “uses a centrifuge that spins and tilts to simulate the speed and G-forces of a spacecraft launch and reentry.” It requires guests to be 44” tall, whereas those 40” tall can ride the green mission.

Even so, some guests ignore warning signs in favor of a good time. Kelsey Conkling, who creates TikToks about her experiences as a Disney cast member, recently re-enacted a time when a parent demanded a refund because of her child’s motion sickness on Mission: SPACE. Watch her video here:


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According to Conkling, the irate guest immediately demanded a refund upon arriving at Guest Services: “My son got sick on a ride.”

“I’m so sorry,” the Disney cast member responded. “That does happen a lot on Mission: SPACE.”

“Okay, so where’s my refund?” the guest repeated.

Exterior of Mission: SPACE
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Conkling asked the guest if she read the warning signs before getting in line for Mission: SPACE.

“I didn’t see a sign,” the guest insisted.

The Disney cast member pointed out that guests receive a small card that designates them to the “green” or “orange” version of the ride, depending on their choice. Those cards also detail the health risks of the experience.

Mission Space entrance at EPCOT
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“I didn’t come on vacation to read a bunch of stuff that doesn’t even matter,” the guest replied. She also admitted to not watching the safety video played before boarding. Mission: SPACE.

Conkling explained that she couldn’t refund the family’s theme park tickets but suggested they visit a First Aid station. As the guest continued arguing, her son projectile vomited.

“Look at that; he just threw up all over your floor,” the guest said. “That’s your fault. You can clean it up.”

The interior controls of Mission: SPACE
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The family left Conkling and other Guest Services’ cast members to clean up the biohazard.

Read all health and safety warnings before riding Walt Disney World Resort attractions. It’s best to thoroughly explain rides to children beforehand so they can decide if they’re ready for the experience.

If someone in your party does get motion sick or otherwise ill/injured at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or Disney Springs, ask the nearest cast member for directions to a First Aid station. Walt Disney World Resort employs licensed nurses who can dispense over-the-counter medication, ice packs, bandages, disinfectants, and other basic first-aid items.

Is Mission: SPACE too much for your family? Should the Disney cast member have refunded this guest? Share your thoughts on the ride with Inside the Magic in the comments.

The Disney cast member’s experience is portrayed through a comedic skit that may not reflect the exact words of a Walt Disney World Resort guest. 

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