Disney World Park Goes Dark, Entire Land Cleared of Guests

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Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom entrance

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Imagine enjoying your favorite theme park at Walt Disney World Resort, and then all of a sudden, you see every attraction on the My Disney Experience app go down.

Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort as seen from an archway.
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It all began when a reader of Inside the Magic shared an intriguing account of the events that transpired. According to reports, every ride in the beloved Magic Kingdom Park experienced a temporary shutdown due to gusty weather conditions. While such interruptions are not unheard of, the simultaneous temporary closure of basically every attraction raised eyebrows and stirred speculation among park-goers.

Fortunately, the disruption was short-lived, and the rides were swiftly restored to operation, according to the account. However, the impact of the blustery weather lingered, affecting not only the attractions but also several outdoor areas of the park. Despite the swift restoration of most rides, many outdoor attractions remained inaccessible as a precautionary measure.

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One notable consequence of the windy conditions was the closure of Fantasyland, a cherished land inside Magic Kingdom Park that houses beloved attractions like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan’s Flight, and the timeless classic,
“it’s a small world”. Cast Members, dedicated to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of guests, took proactive measures to direct visitors out of Fantasyland behind the majestic facade of Cinderella Castle. This redirection was not without purpose.

While this isn’t a regular occurrence, Disney World will shut down Fantasyland from time to time, depending on weather conditions. This means that guests will be directed out of the area, and Cast Members will be placed at certain points to prevent traffic from getting through, likely for quite a while before the fireworks show and after, as well.

The updated Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom
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For those who don’t know, your access from Liberty Square and the Storybook Circus area to the rest of Fantasyland will be cut off if this happens while you’re enjoying the Disney World park. However, you can still get from one side of the theme park to the other by walking through Main Street, U.S.A.

Though there is a large crowd on Main Street, U.S.A. taking in the fireworks show, dedicated walkways remain open. You are not permitted to stop in the walkways, but this will allow you to get to Tomorrowland if you’re in the Adventureland area, or vice versa.

There is no way to know when this occurrence might happen as it all has to do with weather inspections that happen before the performance each night.

New projections on Main Street during Happily Ever After
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Our best advice is to continue to check the My Disney Experience app, which can show you what rides are down, and to understand that if there is inclement weather in the area, it’s likely that Fantasyland has been closed off for safety purposes. Disney Cast Members are also happy to help with navigating around the theme park.

Another thing to keep in mind while visiting Magic Kingdom, in particular, is that the theme park is currently undergoing construction that can affect your visit.

Frontierland at Magic Kingdom
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Right now, two of the three attractions inside of Frontierland are closed down. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which is taking over the space where Splash Mountain once resided, is set to open in late 2024. The new attraction will still be a water flume ride and Disney has shared that it will “pick up right where the movie left off.” Guests will join Princess Tiana and jazz-loving alligator Louis on their journey through a shimmering bayou as they prepare for a spirited celebration during Mardi Gras season. Along the way, you’ll see familiar faces and make new friends as you’re brought into the next chapter of Tiana’s inspiring story.

Secondly, Country Bear Jamboree is closed down for updates. The classic Disney park attraction is being renovated and is expected to open later this summer. With these two attractions, we expect that spring break crowds could also make things a little more difficult for Walt Disney World guests attempting to navigate the theme park.

Has this ever happened to you while visiting Magic Kingdom? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments!

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