UPDATE: Disney Stops Genie+ Option for All Guests

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The icon for the Disney World paid service, Genie+ inside of Magic Kingdom Park.

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Disney World Genie+ has stopped selling one of its options for all guests as the parks seem to stay busy despite the Holidays being over continuously.

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Disney World Stops Selling Genie+ Option to Guests

The Genie+ “multiple parks” option has hit capacity today, marking the second instance of the park hopping version selling out before any individual theme park reaches capacity. This strategic development by Disney diverges from the usual trend where the service tends to get total capacity at specific theme parks. The decision suggests Disney’s anticipation of a significant surge in the service’s usage by park-hopping guests today, signaling their expectation of a high demand that could deplete inventory swiftly, especially after the 2 p.m. commencement of park hopping. This unique approach reflects Disney’s proactive measures to manage the service’s popularity and enhance the overall guest experience.

Like the previous weeks, Disney World Resort has been selling out its Genie+ service despite the price reaching nearly $40 and wait times hitting five hours.

The potential game-changer in this scenario comes into play with the imminent return of all-day park hopping starting on January 9. Once this feature is reinstated, guests can book Lightning Lanes throughout the day at any theme park, eliminating the current restriction that prevents those with the “multiple parks” option from selecting a return time before the 2 p.m. park hopping window. This policy shift expands the flexibility for guests. It alters the dynamics of Lightning Lane reservations, allowing for a more seamless and unrestricted experience navigating the various theme parks throughout the day. The January 9 implementation marks a significant evolution in Disney’s approach, offering guests greater autonomy in optimizing their theme park adventures.

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With the Multiple Parks option no longer available today at Disney World, the single park Genie+ option is still available with pricing currently at the following levels:

  • Magic Kingdom Park – $27
  • EPCOT – $19
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios – $24
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom – $17

At the moment, all Disney parks are available for purchase after selling out this morning. Disney seems to be keeping up with the guest levels inside the parks as wait times are reaching 185 minutes, considerably shorter than last week and the week before.

A little girl looking up at Spaceship Earth inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort.
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The Genie+ paid service at Disney World transforms the guest experience, providing a convenient and efficient way to navigate the parks with enhanced access to popular attractions. For a fee, visitors can reserve access to Lightning Lanes, allowing them to skip regular lines at a selection of attractions, character meet-and-greets, and entertainment options throughout the day.

With the ability to make reservations through the Disney Genie+ app, guests can streamline their itinerary, making the most of their time by minimizing wait times. This optional service offers a valuable tool for those seeking a more customized and enjoyable theme park adventure, combining the magic of Disney with the convenience of advanced ride access.

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