Popular Disneyland Attraction’s Future in Question After Series of Continuous Breakdowns

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A famous and beloved Disneyland attraction’s future is in question following a series of numerous breakdowns.

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What’s Been Going On at Disneyland and Disney World?

Some big news coming out of Disney World is that guests are no longer able to make any reservations to Magic Kingdom Park or Hollywood Studios Park throughout the busy Holiday season following the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party event reaching capacity and the new Jollywood Nights event also reaching capacity on select nights.

Disneyland is being overshadowed as upgrades throughout the parks are desperately needed following a string of breakdowns and letdowns as guests have reported dissatisfaction with their recent vacations. Numerous guests are taking to social media to broadcast their concerns and disdain for Disneyland Resort. Problems such as overcrowding, high costs, and more have led to fewer people desiring to visit the Resort.

After years of closing down, Disney World is also bringing back Pin Trading after being shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Disney guests can now trade their pins with cast members throughout the Disney World parks. But there are also some new rules for pin trade inside WDW property. There will be no designated locations for those who want to trade.

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Which Iconic Attraction Is Facing an Uncertain Future?

The Jungle Cruise is a timeless and iconic attraction within Disney World, nestled in Adventureland at the heart of the Magic Kingdom theme park. Drawing inspiration from renowned rivers worldwide, this whimsical journey invites visitors on a delightful boat tour through diverse jungle landscapes teeming with animatronic animals and lively scenarios.

Anchored by a fleet of boats, each captained by a quick-witted and entertaining skipper serving as a tour guide, the Jungle Cruise offers a unique experience. Skippers deliver a carefully scripted yet improvisational narrative, weaving puns, jokes, and humorous commentary into the journey, crafting an engaging and enjoyable experience for passengers of all ages. The lush jungle surroundings and the skipper’s comedic storytelling contribute to the Jungle Cruise’s status as a beloved and entertaining ride.

A distinctive feature of the Jungle Cruise is its deliberately antiquated and “adventurous” theme, evoking the spirit of early 20th-century explorations. The boat’s passage introduces animatronic elephants, hippos, lions, and other wildlife, each playing a role in the whimsical and exaggerated narrative carefully designed for the ride.

But now, this iconic ride faces immense backlash and uncertainty following multiple and continuous breakdowns at Disneyland Park.

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Five days ago, Inside The Magic reported Jungle Cruise closing indefinitely following an on-ride incident. The incident happened after a boat got stuck out on the water, and the video was posted to the famous social media platform TikTok. The evacuation got everyone off safely but still closed the ride for a while. But since reopening, the ride continues to break down.

A guest posted to the subreddit page r/Disneyland, saying the following:

Was about to board the jungle cruise just now when our boat had to go back to tow another boat that had just broken down before getting to the dock. I know I had seen a post recently (maybe last week?) about this happening and based on the cast members reaction this has been happening with some amount of regularity. Any news on expected repairs or refurbishment for the jungle cruise since it keeps having these issues?

Other guests said their boat got delayed about 3/4 of the way through while the skipper tried to tell jokes to keep guests satisfied and calm. “…skipper told jokes, and then we were called in. Lots of CMs waiting at the dock. Skipper was told to unload, and he was to go on a rescue mission…,” said one guest who went last month to Disneyland.

“We were on another boat at the time, and the delay was around 8-10 minutes,” said another guest in the comment section of the Reddit post. “Hmm. I saw it was up today after a couple of weeks down. I wonder what was happening and if it’s still happening,” asked one guest. “A CM thought it was a track issue and then said it wasn’t. Curious if anyone has any other info.”

Jungle Cruise in Frontierland at DL Park in California.
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This ride’s future is unknown after multiple breakdowns, ride evacuations, and incidents over the last few months and weeks. Disneyland will most likely shut down the ride for an extended period to figure out the main issue, or it could be due to a series of problems that might lead to Disneyland completely retheming the attraction.

Disneyland officials have yet to release an official statement on the future of Jungle Cruise. We hope the ride will continue for decades, or it might suffer the fate of Splash Mountain and get a total overhaul. Only time will tell.

Would you like Jungle Cruise to get a total overhaul, or would you prefer Disneyland to fix the ride?

You can read the entire Reddit thread mentioned above by clicking here.

So that you know, the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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