Disney Teases Big Changes Coming for Figment in Disney World

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Figment as a meet and greet character

Credit: Inside the Magic

Some big changes are apparently on the way.

A Cast Member in VIP Tour guide costume high fiving a kid and his father in front of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT
Credit: Disney

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Following a string of exciting news, The Walt Disney Company apparently has some big plans for a beloved Walt Disney World theme park character.

Walt Disney World is made up of four theme parks, those being Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. While each has its own strengths and weaknesses, both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT will require some serious time commitments from guests in order to experience everything.

EPCOT is a very interesting park, with there essentially being two core experiences offered: the various Worlds and World Showcase. Inside the World Showcase, guests are allowed to roam freely between various countries, getting a taste (literally) of how other cultures and communities live. World Showcase is a fantastic way for guests to travel across the globe, giving them bite-sized experiences.

The rest of EPCOT is broken into World Celebration, World Discovery, and World Nature, each with its own vibes, atmospheres, and attractions.

Guests walking around World Showcase at EPCOT
Credit: Inside the Magic

While there are quite a few rides to enjoy at EPCOT, one stands above the rest in terms of the reputation it has achieved over the years.

Few Disney park characters are as beloved or as popular as Figment, who has become the unofficial mascot for EPCOT. Since his creation in 1983, Figment has grown into one of the more iconic parts of EPCOT and the Walt Disney World Resort as a whole, despite never starring in a film or television series. Guests can find Figment throughout EPCOT in the form of merchandise as well as within their own attraction, which is known as Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

This attraction has certainly seen better days and looks especially dated when compared to newer rides like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. There have been three versions of the ride since opening, with the current iteration being one of the more infamous rides at Walt Disney World.

Figment as a meet and greet character
Credit: Inside the Magic

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It’s been rumored for many years that Disney was getting ready to completely overhaul the attraction, but none of these rumors ever came true. However, Disney has seemingly teased some big changes that are headed for Figment and possibly the attraction that spawned him.

A recent video shared by The Walt Disney Company shows Figemnt walking into Walt Disney Studios to “meet Cast Members and gather news sparks of imagination.” This video doesn’t say whether or not Figment and his infamous attraction will be getting an upgrade, but it certainly is the biggest tease we’ve seen by Disney.

Figment recently journeyed to Walt Disney Studios to meet Cast Members and gather news sparks of imagination. We can’t wait to see what figment dreams up next

While we don’t exactly know what Disney has planned, this video is some of the most attention that Figment has received since the creation of his incredibly popular popcorn bucket last year. Disney teased that they were focusing more on Figment at the past two D23 events, but none involved actually tinkering with the attraction itself. With a video like this getting shared by Disney itself, it’s safe to say something big is on the way.

We truly hope that Figment gets the love and care he deserves. Make sure you stay tuned here for all Walt Disney World news updates!

Do you enjoy Journey into Imagination with Figment? What’s your favorite ride at EPCOT?

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