Disney Bans ‘Bluey’ Episode for Fear of Backlash

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Bingo scared of something in Bluey

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Bluey is a kids’ TV show that has taken the world by storm as it covers tough subjects in a tangible and tasteful way for its young audience, but the house of mouse is keeping something in the dark.

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If you have kids, a screen, or even a minute interest in the realms of animation, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Bluey and what an absolute phenomenon the show has become. Although the little blue dog has scored an immense fan following worldwide, Disney has kept certain episodes from her American fanbase.

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Disney+ and Disney Junior have heavily censored the adorable show from Joe Brumm several times before, but a “forbidden” episode recently surfaced on the web, and many viewers find themselves confused as to why it was banned. If Disney is willing to show episodes that explore concepts like evolution (“Flatpack”), divorce (“The Decider”), and even death (“Copycat”) in a tasteful way, why does an episode about pregnancy get the hook?

Censorship Collars Bluey Episode

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The episode in question, “Dad Baby,” recently made waves in a report from Polygon that pointed out just how ridiculous Disney’s heavy-handed censorship has become. While the episode covers the subject of pregnancy and childbirth told through one of the games in the Heeler household, it doesn’t exactly do anything that scandalous (unless you count the slapstick involving Bandit’s gut and groin department).

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The reason it warrants discussion is that Disney is keeping something relatively innocent and very funny away from a dedicated fanbase. This isn’t the first time the show has been overly-censored, but one factor from the report should have Bluey fans and Disney buffs turning on and tuning in.

The report reads,

“Disney owns the worldwide streaming rights to Bluey, but it’s a co-production between Australia’s ABC and the U.K.’s BBC networks, and it airs in various places internationally. This fact is boring, but it’s relevant.”

Taking the subject of pregnant dad dogs off the table, Disney is playing a very dangerous game when it comes to what it allows and doesn’t allow on streaming. While the episode doesn’t give the finite details of the whole birds-and-the-bees conversation to kids, its removal is essentially needless compared to some of the other episodes currently viewable on Disney+
Jack and Rusty in the episode Army
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One of Bluey’s biggest strengths is its approach to “for real life” subjects that many of its young viewers will eventually encounter. While not all of the show’s viewers will have to embark on a curry quest or wield a featherwand, they are capable of complex emotions (as seen in “Space”), will need to learn how to communicate (as seen in “Yoga Ball”) and understand the importance of honesty and integrity (“Family Meeting).
The problem with Disney’s censorship isn’t that Disney is trying to do some power flex or otherwise control what its viewers see, but rather to avoid further backlash from its consumers. Due to recent cultural and social shifts, the studio has had to tread on eggshells to avoid offending a large portion of its paying audience.
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Disney’s biggest criticism in recent reports has been its avoidance of risks, not for lack of ideas but for fear of even being mildly controversial. The reason this is such a big deal is that Disney is the prime distributor of an immensely beloved show, and its fear of cancel culture is getting in the way of a tremendous win for both Disney and Ludo.
Bluey, Bingo, Chili, and Bandit are as far from controversial as cartoons can get, but audiences have a lot of power in this age of modern media. Yes, Disney is being ridiculous, and the show’s censorship has been inconsistent at best and laughable at worst. Hopefully, the fanbase will be heard, and Disney will get the picture.
Does Bluey really deserve to be censored? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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